What skills are companies looking for in 2020?

If you are currently looking for a job, you should be very interested in what companies are looking for. Indeed, recruiters no longer favor only the diplomas and technical skills of candidates. It’s a whole… the new employee must know how to demonstrate technique, of course, but also dynamism, and have a good personality. So what are businesses really looking for in 2020? How to put all the chances on your side to get a job quickly? Today, ABC Argent tells you everything!

Professional skills

Obviously this is the first thing on which you will be evaluated. While companies are also looking for dynamic personalities and profiles, skills are essential. You must first check that your diplomas are in line with the position you are targeting. The expectations of today’s societies change very quickly, so you will have to prove that you are able to train all the time, and quickly. You have to be careful that your technical skills are not outdated. Effectivelyu will have to join an already established organization, and reinvent your skills to quickly put them at the service of your new company. You must have a good starting level but you must also know how to adapt quickly and renew yourself. Your skills must be progressive and you must be able to prove it. In reality, the skills you have already acquired are an essential basis for finding a job, but you must also prove that you will be able to evolve and acquire new ones. But that’s not all !

Soft skills

Currently, companies are therefore looking for skills, but also personalities. Your personality must reflect an evolutionary and creative potential. You must not present yourself as a closed person, who thinks he already knows everything. You must be equipped with a team spirit, to feel good quickly within this team already formed before your arrival. In addition, you must also show that you are organized, and that you will know how to juggle without the slightest problem between the different tasks that will be assigned to you. Usually, during your interview, the recruiter will try to find the balance between your technical skills and your prospect of development. All this while judging your personality, your motivation and your dynamic and strategic mind. It’s the perfect combination of all of these elements that will make you the perfect candidate. So don’t hesitate to showcase yourself while showing humility! Because yes, humility is a major asset that will be appreciated by recruiters.

What skills are companies looking for in 2020

Essential qualities

In the recruitment sector, several skills are valued lately. You must obviously keep them in mind to apply more effectively, and succeed in making all the difference during your interviews. First of all, your ability to solve complex problems will usually be judged. You have to keep in mind that in the world of work, everything goes very fast. You have to learn new skills. And you will have to manage to manage your missions on your own, even when you find yourself facing very complicated issues.. Then, you must have management qualities. Indeed, even if you are not the manager, companies now offer collaborative modes of operation, in which you will have a small role of manager and decision-making. So you have to be able to lead others! Then you will have to prove that you train all the time. And that you are up to date with news in your sector.

Important differences

Your profile must make the difference, and you will have to broach this subject during the interview, even before anyone asks you the question! Finally, don’t hesitate to show that you adapt very easily to different situations. Adaptability is a quality that is particularly appreciated in companies. Indeed, the problems are daily and the bosses need to be able to count on ambitious and autonomous profiles. Even if you are not the right person to handle the problem, you will have to do everything to solve it on your own, by bringing in members of your team. If you are able to prove all these skills, you will be able to have the ideal profile and thus more easily land your long-awaited job!

You will have understood it, your technical skills are not enough at the moment to get a job. If they are obviously essential and you can not help but have technical skills, you must also prove that your profile is modern and adapted to the most complicated situations. It’s a whole ! Your personality added to your skills will show the recruiter that you are the right person for the desired position. Remember to prepare well to avoid being caught off guard during the interview. Good luck in your job search!

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