What equivalent to make your ANTS driving license?

How to get your ANTS license without going through the ANTS?

Previously, to get your ANTS driving license, you had to go to the agency’s website.

This is no longer the case today, with the proliferation of providers to facilitate online procedures. In this article, we explain the equivalent procedure to obtain your ANTS driving license.

What is ANTS?

The National Secured Titles Agency (ANTS) is a structure that operates under the aegis of the Ministry of the Interior. Created in 2007 by government decision, it manages the dematerialization of administrative procedures.

It is the only agency on French territory to be able to issue secure tickets. Applicants must go to the website and follow the protocol put in place. Among the pieces she established, we can mention:

  • Driving license ;
  • The national identity card;
  • The gray card also called vehicle registration certificate;
  • The residence permit;
  • The border card;
  • The biometric visa.

The ANTS is also developing computer systems which allow the online procedures carried out by applicants to be recorded. It is responsible for ensuring the control of titles, and has a call center with telephone advisers who assist applicants in the procedures to be carried out.

However, despite the equipment and resources available to the ANTS, it suffers from a real lack of efficiency. The online procedures are struggling to succeed because of the dysfunctions noted on the site. Added to this is the failure to meet the deadlines for issuing secure tickets. This is the reason why it is advisable to resort to an alternative when you want to get your ANTS driving license.

The equivalent procedure for obtaining your ANTS driving license

To get around the dysfunctions noted on the agency’s site, approvals have been granted to other service providers to help any individual wishing to obtain their ANTS driving license or another part.

The use of these providers has certain advantages.

The reliability of an approved structure

The service providers who take care of the administrative procedures for obtaining an ANTS license do not operate illegally. They are known to the authorities and are approved to act in favor of individuals.

By soliciting an authorized service provider, your file will follow the same steps as if you had gone through the ANPS website. These service providers have the access to check the information on the central file.

Better still, providers have this possibility of carrying out the formalities by going to the administrations to register the files they are responsible for. They can also submit the file directly to the national printing press for the edition of the secure titles.

Assured expertise in driving license procedures

Using an authorized service provider allows you to benefit from the advice of experts on your file. These providers have the necessary experience to assist an individual in obtaining his ANTS driving license.

With providers, obtaining a driver’s license does not suffer from any delay. They ensure that this title is issued as soon as possible. For more information on the deadline for issuing this title, click here.

The intervention of service providers is not only limited to the procedures for a first edition of the driving license. They also intervene for its renewal.

Simple support and professional follow-up

On the ANTS website, you cannot bet on the fate that will be reserved for your file. With an authorized service provider, this is not the case. Upon receipt of your file, a relationship is created.

You are taken care of by a professional. This informs you of the different stages through which your file will go. If your file is incomplete, it will inform you and ensure that everything is up to date.

The procedures for obtaining a driving license are carried out on the ANTS website. But it should be noted that the dysfunctions observed on the site are likely to delay the completion of the process. From now on, it is the approved providers who provide this service better, and it is therefore advisable to go through one of them to obtain your ANTS driving license.

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