What are the current trends for CVs?

Did you know that the first contact that your future employer will have with you will be your CV? This is why it is essential to take good care of it to ensure that it meets the requirements of the moment. Because in the Curriculum Vitae sector, there are certain trends. These evolve rapidly, and you have to adapt to it in order to put all the chances on your side. So what are the current trends at the CV level? Today, ABC Argent explains how to make your CV a strategic force to quickly find a job!

New trends

The recruiting industry is changing very quickly. In recent years, trends have followed one another, and candidates have had to adapt. So for example, if you are looking for a job in marketing you can opt for a design CV with colors, an original font or a touch of fantasy. This is not really the case in the engineering or finance sectors, which remain on black and white and the Arial or Times font for example. In reality, trends change depending on the industry you are targeting. You will therefore have to take a close interest in it. However, some rules are common to all areas… and you absolutely must know these rules before sending your CV!

Digitization of the CV

This is a trend that has become the norm for about two years now. Before this period, we would have advised you to double the sending by email of a paper sending. This is no longer the current trend. Indeed, the digitization of the Curriculum Vitae has become a standard in all sectors of activity. It is much more practical for recruiters who can create files, transfer the CV or even print it if they wish. It is quite possible to include links in your CV, like that of your blog, or links pointing to your professional social networks. Your CV must reflect the current society, that is to say dynamic and digital. These little details can really make a difference, proving that you are someone on top of novelty and current trends!

Valuation of skills

For a long time, diplomas were valued, and came at the top of the CV. But today the trends have changed. Indeed, recruiters are obviously interested in your studies, but especially your skills. You must succeed in showcasing your different skills to prove that the position you are applying for is perfect for you. To do this, you must strategically and intelligently combine your studies with your professional experiences, during internships for example. Your summer jobs can be a great asset as well. Do not forget to mention what your experiences have taught you, to enhance your experience and especially your skills. Each professional experience allows you to evolve, and therefore strengthens your skills capital. This is what the recruiter should perceive through your CV. Your Curriculum Vitae should not be a simple list of your diplomas and your experiences. He must show that you have skills.

What are the current trends for CVs

Specific examples

From now on, recruiters look for specific elements in a CV. You must be able to illustrate each of your skills with concrete data. Whether it is professional experiences, internships, passions … everything is good to take as long as your skills are highlighted. You must not hesitate to give specific examples. A CV that is too vague will not make the difference, and will go unnoticed. This is why you must succeed in creating a crush with the recruiter. Colors and design can count, but content is extremely important. Companies are looking for dynamic profiles, who have seen a lot. Your travels for example can prove your open-mindedness and your dynamism, and it will be interesting to list them. Your passions can also reflect your personality and your competitive spirit. These examples, which sometimes have nothing to do with your professional profile, can really work in your favor.

CV targeting

Finally, last point and not the least, you must imperatively target your CV. Which means ? Quite simply, you have to personalize your Curriculum Vitae according to the company and the recruiter. You can’t afford to send the same CV to everyone because you have to personalize it. A CV adapted to the position and the culture of the company will have a better chance of succeeding. You must therefore work on each job offer, and adapt your application according to your research. It is a fundamental work that you have to carry out. But this certainly significant effort will allow you to find a job much faster.

You will understand, there are trends in the CV. You must keep yourself informed of these to adapt your applications and put all the chances in your side. Good luck in your job search!

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