We will be talking about websites that hire Nigerian article writers in this article. Sit back and let’s show you how to make money.

Here in Nigeria, the writing profession is usually practiced by intellectuals and those who naturally, have the flair for writing. It is usually a solitary act and the art of writing is usually unique every day. However, in Nigeria, not so many writers earn from their craft. In fact, if you tell someone in Nigeria that you’re a writer, they only hail you as “professor” but not someone who is earning a living from it but rather, derives pleasure from it as a hobby.

If you possess the craft of writing beautifully, I’m pleased to give you the good news that you can write and earn money from your writing. Many clients and business owners are looking for smart writers who would help grow their businesses online and help them remain competitive.  And they are ready to pay them very handsome amount of money. In other words, you can work as freelance writer. You don’t need to go trekking the whole of Lagos looking for publishing companies to hire you as a writer. In other words, you’ll be working from your home-office.

Websites that Hire Nigerian Article Writers

However, as a freelancer writer, you need to choose your niche in writing: articles for magazines/newspapers, blog posts for websites, sales copy for products, a ghostwriter who will write nonfiction or as a creative writer who writes fiction and short story. All these kinds of writings can earn you money as a freelancer.

Furthermore, if you’re just starting out as writer, you must have some writing experience, read voraciously on various subjects, improve your vocabulary and word choice, improve your grammar, and craft out your style of writing.

Now let’s talk about freelance websites where you can find potential clients that will help you earn money in return for your writing expertise.

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1.  Microgigsite is a Websites that Hire Nigerian Article Writers currently

Microgigsite is the one-stop place for you as a writer to find high paying writing gigs. The featured job opportunities include article writing, copywriting, content management, web design and development, graphics design, and many more. It is the number one Nigerian based platform for potential freelancers. All you have to do to start earning with Microgigsite.com is to register here and set up a profile.

Microgigsite.com is a Websites that Hire Nigerian Article Writers

2. Fiverr is another websites that hire Nigerian article writers

As an article writer who wants to earn money on a side hustle level, Fiverr is a site for small side jobs. Clients who are in need of your writing skill are willing to pay you up to 20-30$ per hour. If you also have some other digital skills like web design and development, SEO Writing, graphics design, this platform is one of the best to find gigs.

fiverr Hires Nigerian Article Writers

3. Upwork hires Nigerian Article writers

Next to Fiverr is Upwork. There’s been an argument to which website is the best for freelance article writers. To my point, both are very good platforms for finding potential clients such as bloggers, editors and business owners.


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4. Guru

Many freelancers have made some handsome six figures on this freelance site as writers. You too can make yours if you’re ab expert writer. This platform offers a payment service called Safe Pay, so you don’t have to about a client’s missing payments or outstanding balance.

5. People per hour

This is the platform for over 1.5 million professional freelancers. This platform has also been featured by big media like the BBC and Business Insider. This website provides professionals including writers, virtual assistants, programmers, etc. for business people. The freelancers, then create a tailored quote with an hourly rate based on the potential project.

6. Indeed

With millions of unique visitors every month, indeed has become one or the best hubs you can find gigs as a writer. As a professional writer who wants to help clients gain an online reputation and remain competitive online, they are willing to pay you handsomely if you’re willing to write foe them.

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7. LinkedIn Jobs

As a professional, in other to gain an online recognition, it is necessary for you to have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is more than just a social network; it has helped millions of Nigerians get hired by employers, as well as freelancers (writers, designers, programmers, etc.) get gigs from potential clients. LinkedIn Jobs is a section perfect to look for gigs as a writer.

8. Problogger

This is one of the pioneer websites for freelance and another websites that hire Nigerian article writers. Even though you’re a newbie in writing, you can still get hired by potential clients. This way, you’re building your portfolio.

9. Freelance Writing

This is one of the most comprehensive platforms on the internet for businesses to hire top notch writers, and also freelancers to find high paying gigs and make money. But if you have a good writing experience, you can get gigs in no time.

10. Mediabistro

This is more than just a freelance platform. This platform also offers guides to budding media personalities, journalists, and social networkers. If you’re looking to be a freelance journalist, Mediabistro is an option to find big companies that hire remote workers. They are a website that hires Nigerian Article writers.

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11. Freelancer

This is a freelance platform for writers as well as other professionals to find potential clients that pays you to work for them.

12. Freelance Writing Gigs

If you’re a journalist, editor, writer, copywriter or a person who works with words, this platform is a great place to get you hired.

13. Blogging  Pro

This is an online platform for businesses to find freelance writers. This site is mostly used by content creators, bloggers, editors, and proofreaders. Freelancers can work full-time or part-time jobs depending on their preferences.

14. iWriter

This is one of the best platforms that makes gigs easier to find for upcoming freelance writers to find high paying clients regardless of their experience. To become a member, you’ll need to fill out a form and complete two short 250-word writer prompts. You get potential gigs depending on how good your results are.

15. The Writer Finder

This is a Growth Machine company that helps connect business owners to content creators to help them promote their online presence. It is a website that hire Nigerian article writers.

16. Constant Content

Just like The Write Finder, Constant Content also helps companies find freelance talents to handle their online reputation and create content from blog posts, social media posts, sales copy, etc. They are one of the websites that hire Nigerian article writers currently. The website boasts a database of more than 100,000 professional writers who have worked for over 50,000 potential business owners.


Having talked about websites that can help you get hired as a writer, always be conscious of scam clients. Most of these websites will require you to open a PayPal account for payments. Also, you should start building your own portfolio, specify your niche and practice more because writing techniques are endless. The more you write for clients, the more you get gigs.