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If you are interested in this article it is surely because you use your phone a lot and your mobile bill is starting to increase … Like most French people these days, you simply cannot control your phone budget. Well, know that you have absolutely nothing to blame yourself for this.

As a matter of fact, it is the consumer society in which you live that constantly advises us to always spend more than what is necessary!

So what should we do to regain control of our phone budget and save money? Well, in this article, discover the 8 key tips to successfully reduce your expenses and control your phone budget to earn money.

Choose a package adapted to your needs

We live in an era where the “unlimited plan” has become the new normal. However, this standard is not adapted to the needs of most French people if we are to believe their opinions.

And yes, the majority of people we interviewed admitted that they could easily get “limited” offers from telephone operators. If you share the same opinion, it might be time to review your mobile consumption.

Start by calculating how many minutes of calls you spend on average in a month. Then calculate how many SMS you are sending.

Finally, calculate the quantity of mobile data or internet plan you consume each month. Once you have the numbers you will surely understand that you are paying a lot more than you normally should.

Do not hesitate to choose the right discounted mobile plan and cancel your overpriced mobile subscription and opt for an offer that suits you better.

Choose blocked packages

Choose blocked plans to control your phone budget

Sometimes subscribing to a plan that suits your needs is not always enough. Indeed, even if you already pay according to what you consume, does that prevent you from consuming more?

Well, no, not necessarily! This is the reason why we recommend that you opt for a blocked plan.

This package allows you to automatically block the use of your calls and SMS from a certain level of consumption.. In short, it’s the best way to save money with your phone.

As for the data plan, most smartphones are equipped with an option to limit the consumption of mobile data. If yours doesn’t have one, try downloading a similar mobile app.

Opt for the grouping of contracts

Opt for the grouping of contracts to control your phone budget to control your phone budget

If you have the means to bundle your internet, mobile and TV contracts, do it! It’s a great way to reduce your expenses and save on your mobile consumption.

You can check it out for yourself, but paying for these 3 contracts together is much cheaper than paying for them separately..

Nowadays you can even take advantage of “quadruple play” offers (internet, landline, mobile phone, TV) which can be particularly advantageous.

Of course, you don’t have to subscribe to these offers unnecessarily if they don’t even interest you. You can always find another way to limit your phone budget.

Take advantage of promotional offers

If one thing is for sure, it is that there is no shortage of promotional offers for telephone services on the market. Several times a year you will find operators offering discounts on the first months of subscribing to a package.

Others offer outright to offer free the first months of subscription. Apart from that, there are also special Christmas offers, New Year specials, holiday specials, back-to-school specials, etc …

In short, there are plenty of opportunities you can take to try and cut your phone budget. Don’t forget to subscribe on the official pages of your favorite mobile operators on social networks.

You will thus be able to inform yourself in real time about the new interesting offers that are available.

Use Wi-Fi and free apps

Use Wi-Fi and free apps

But who said that you only have calls and texts as a means of communication on your phone? Nowadays, you have all kinds of free applications that allow you to limit your mobile consumption.

In terms of call service, you can for example use Skype or Viber. As for instant messaging, there is of course Messenger and WhatsApp, and these are just a few more examples.

By searching the internet you will be able to access hundreds of other similar applications. And the main advantage of these apps is that they don’t necessarily consume your phone’s mobile data.

All you have to do is find a Wi-Fi connection nearby and you’re good to go. ! If you have a great Wi-Fi network, you won’t have to worry about those “power-hungry practices” of streaming or downloading.

Buy your phone separately

Buy your phone separately

When you buy a plan that includes a free mobile phone, you are generally committing to a long period. Sometimes you are required to stick with the same plan and subscribe for 6 months, 1 year, or even longer.

So you no longer have the option of switching to a cheaper offer even when the opportunity arises.

Well, c” is the reason why we recommend that you always buy your plan and your phone separately if you still have the possibility in order to control your phone budget.

This not only allows you to opt out of flat rate subscriptions, but it also allows you to buy your phone at a more affordable price.

Learn how to choose your smartphone

Learn how to choose your smartphone

Do you really want to save money and control your phone budget? In this case, learn from now on to be satisfied with what is strictly necessary.

Be realistic! You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to get yourself the latest iPhone or the latest Samsung.

Be aware that there are other brands that are just as reliable, which have absolutely the same options and the same advantages but which are sold cheaper.

What is the point of buying a smartphone for more than € 1,200 if there are other exactly identical models offered twice or even three times cheaper.

Cancel insurance to control your phone budget

Cancel insurance to control your phone budget

Most people these days decide to insure their phone when they buy it. This is a logical choice and perfectly understandable given that phones are getting more expensive.

But do you really know your compensation conditions? Are you sure you can get the right coverage in the event of a problem? Be aware that some contracts state that without witnesses, you cannot get compensation for a broken phone.

This is to say that compensation is of no use if you drop your phone alone at home. You will surely understand it, not all phone insurance is necessarily interesting.

To avoid spending too much money on your phone, it is best to consult the list of available covers and choose only those that are essential.

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