The trick question during a job interview

If you are looking for a job and are lucky enough to get an interview, then you will probably find yourself faced with a few trick questions. 73% of recruiters say they do not use these questions. And yet, 44% of candidates say they encountered a trick question during their job interview. So how do you prepare for it effectively? What are these questions often dreaded by those looking for a job? Today, ABC Silver explains how to react to a trick question asked by the recruiter.

The trick questions

It’s done, you got a job interview! Congratulations! It is often a scary but eagerly awaited moment, so you need to prepare for it as effectively as possible. Because sometimes the recruiter will ask you one or more trick questions. Which has a destabilizing effect for some candidates. However, you should know that this is not systematic on the part of recruiters. The latter sometimes ask simple questions which are not supposed to be traps, but which the candidate nevertheless feels as such. So don’t worry, and stay natural. You have to play the strategy card to succeed in your interview, and therefore quite simply to be yourself. Do not see any traps systematically because sometimes it’s just a simple question that the recruiter asks you in order to get to know you better. So, what can be these questions considered as traps by the candidates?

Tricky questions for the candidate

The trick questions are not necessarily the ones you think of at first glance. You need to focus on your personality and answer these questions naturally. The recruiter doesn’t necessarily try to trap you, but above all they want to get to know you. Here are some examples of trick questions for a candidate during a job interview:

  • What are your faults ?
  • Why would you choose our company over another?
  • How are you used to dealing with conflict?
  • Why did you quit your last job?
  • How do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Why should we recruit you?
  • Why shouldn’t we recruit you?

These are questions that you will find difficult to answer. This is why you must ask them beforehand, and prepare for your interview. This is the best way not to be caught off guard. But you should know that these questions are not considered as traps by the employer. Indeed, you may find it difficult to answer them, but in reality, the recruiter is not trying to put you in difficulty. On the other hand, he will ask some strategic questions that you must consider as traps!

The trick question during a job interview

Tricky questions for the recruiter

The recruiter will try to put you in difficulty. It’s voluntary on his part because he will be able to judge your resistance to pressure more easily. It is not so much the answer as your way of responding that will be taken into account. So he can decide to ask you a few questions that have nothing to do with the job envisaged. Here are some questions that were cited by recruiters in a survey:

  • Why is a manhole cover round?
  • What is the GDP of France?
  • How are there inhabitants on Earth?
  • How many children are born each day?

These are trick questions! And it’s okay if you don’t know how to answer it. We do not recommend that you invent an answer. Instead, you have to play it fair and say you don’t know! No one can know everything… so play the franchise card.

Illegal questions

You should also know that some questions are illegal. Some recruiters will want to ask you, but they are prohibited. You are then entitled to refuse them and not to answer them. During a job interview, certain topics should not be discussed. Here are a few examples:

  • Do you plan to have children soon?
  • What is your state of health?
  • What is your religion ?
  • Are you gay ?
  • What are your political views?
  • What are your ethnic origins?
  • What is your position at the trade union level?

These questions have nothing to do with your suitability for a particular position. Also, you have the right not to answer them because they are illegal and affect a completely different register than recruitment.

You will understand, during your job interview, you will have to do with some trick questions. These should not destabilize you, quite the contrary. Do not hesitate to prepare yourself beforehand so as not to be surprised and to put all the chances in your side during the interview. We wish you good luck and good luck in your job search!

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