Steps to take to save energy

In recent years, ecology has been at the center of all debates. We hear a lot about the strategies that governments around the world are putting in place to deal with environmental problems (global warming, pollution, etc.). But you as a citizen, what are the steps to adopt to save energy? what can you do to save the environment?

‘Cause in case you didn’t know, it is the overconsumption of energy that is one of the main causes of environmental degradation. Without further ado, here are some great tips to save energy and save money.

You probably don’t know but heating represents more than ⅔ of a household’s energy consumption. This is why it is more than essential to optimize its use to save energy and earn more money.

Lower the temperature by one (1) degree

Be aware that the simple fact of reducing the temperature by 1 ° C in living rooms can reduce your energy consumption by more than 7%.

Many specialists also advise keeping the temperature of a bedroom at around 16 ° C.. According to them, this would also be the ideal temperature to improve the quality of sleep.

There’s also no point in heating your bedroom when you’re not there. And this also applies to other low-traffic areas such as hallways, toilets or guest rooms.

Close the shutters at night

Ultrasonic repellent

If you are serious about saving energy and lowering your energy consumption, you will need to make efforts to limit the risk of heat loss in your home.

Sacheize that heat loss forces your heating system to work twice as hard to maintain an ambient temperature.

That is why we recommend that you always close all the shutters securely at night. Also remember to close all windows and doors when your air conditioning is on during the day.

As you surely know, water is one of the most precious resources that exists. Even if it is renewable, water should not be regarded as an inexhaustible resource.

In some parts of the world, we continue to draw more water than its natural renewal can produce. In addition to the environmental issue, know that more than 2 billion people still do not have access to drinking water today.

For all these reasons, we recommend that you limit your water consumption as much as possible.

Avoid baths, prefer showers

Avoid baths, prefer showers, to save energy

We usually spend more water and more time taking a bath than taking a shower.

Recent studies have found that the average bath requires 150 liters of water while the shower only requires about 20 liters..

To avoid wasting water, we therefore advise you to favor showers when you wash yourself.

Install flow restrictors

Install flow restrictors

The best way to avoid overconsumption of water is to limit its flow.

So remember to have flow reducers installed on all your taps, or at least on those you use most often.

You will see that this little gadget will allow you to reduce your water consumption by more than 50%. If you can afford it, also consider buying an economical hand shower.

Equip yourself with a thermostatic mixer

Equip yourself with a thermostatic mixer

There are a lot of homes that waste water unnecessarily trying to get a temperature while using the toilet or showering.

If you are one of them, it might be time to equip yourself with a thermostatic mixer.

The mixer will allow you to adjust the temperature of your water more quickly. This will avoid wasting your water and driving up your energy bill every time.

Over-consumption of energy generally results in over-consumption of electricity. If you want to save energy, then you should try to consume less electricity.

Use your lights wisely to save energy

Use your lights wisely

Use natural lighting inside your home when it is still daylight. Open your curtains and move all the furniture that could obstruct the entry of exterior light.

This will prevent you from turning on your light bulbs every time and wasting energy unnecessarily.

When it gets dark avoid constantly turning on all lights in all rooms of the house.

Get into the habit of turning off the lights every time you leave a room. We also recommend that you favor low-consumption bulbs for your lights.

Switch off your household appliances

Switch off your household appliances

Turn off your TV, computer, and all other devices completely when not in use.

Be aware that leaving your appliances in “sleep mode” can increase your electricity bill..

Reliable studies have shown that by leaving your devices in standby mode you consume 10% more electricity.

The best way to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption would therefore be to turn off or unplug your appliances when you are not using them.

Take care of your fridge to save energy

Take care of your refrigerator

You probably don’t know but certain bad habits can make your refrigerator particularly energy intensive.

This is particularly the case when frost begins to accumulate inside. Note, for example, that from 3 mm of frost, your refrigerator can consume 30% more electricity.

Vyour refrigerator also has to spend twice as much energy when you put hot food inside.

You can also consume energy when you leave one of your refrigerator doors open for too long.

In short, it is in your interest to take care of your refrigerator if you want to avoid increasing your electricity bill.

Prefer devices rated A +++

Prefer devices rated A +++

If you still have the possibility, always favor devices that have good energy efficiency.

To do this, you will need to check the small energy label of the device you plan to buy.

Note that no manufacturer is authorized to produce devices below class A + nowadays. If you still find any, you have every right to report it to the competent authorities.

In general, the least energy consuming devices on the market are those rated A +++. These consume 20 to 50% less energy than appliances classified A +.

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