Primolotto: my opinion on the 100% free online lottery

If you are looking for a way to earn money that will cost you nothing and easy to access, I recommend today a 100% free lottery: Primolotto. In addition to the jackpot (up to € 10,000 !!), you will have a good chance of winning gifts and gift cards. It is a website of lottery (+ scratch card) 100% free who can allow you to win up to € 10,000.

You might be wondering how a totally free site can make you money. I’ll explain all that to you in this article! Do you want to know more? Let’s go!

How does Primolotto work?


Primolotto is above all 2 sets. The first game, the main one, is a classic lotto grid. You have to choose 6 numbers on a grid, from 1 to 49 and then validate your grid. There is in all 10 grids to play every day for free! What is interesting is to play the 10 grids every day to increase your chance of winning large sums. The gains to be won on the grids follow a scale: you can win € 1,000 on the first, € 1,500 on the second, € 2,000 on the third… etc and € 10,000 on the 10th grid! You have to have 6 correct numbers to win a grid. The advantage also is that there are gift vouchers to be won on each grid as well as tickets for the raffle (I’ll tell you about this later in the article).

The scratch card

Primolotto’s second game is the scratch card. This is a new game! As the name suggests, you have to scratch virtual cards to have the chance to win the € 2,600. You have the right to scratch 5 free cards daily. As with the grids, you will also have the possibility of winning gift vouchers or raffle coupons while playing.

The raffle

So, what is this famous raffle? By dint of playing, you will win gift tickets for your loyalty and tenacity. With these gift tickets, you can then bet them on the raffle for the chance to win many gifts. It’s quite varied, there are gift vouchers, electronic products, and at the moment there is even a Peugeo scooteryou won!

Why play?

As you can see, Primolotto offers you the possibility to play fun games, with realistic, but very interesting earnings and all for free. How is it possible? Quite simply because the site works with advertising. So sometimes you have to leave an advertisement to play, but they are present in a reasonable way.

If you are wondering if it is possible to win the lottery has many winners and as you can check on this page it has more than 31 pages that list the winners of the game! So try your luck!

My opinion

I find Primolotto to be a very good site, it is well done and very fluid. It’s quite easy and above all it’s very pleasant to play. I advise you to play your grids and your scratch cards every day, to increase your chances. It’s completely free and it only takes a few minutes! The game is safe, licensed and with real winners. Why not you?

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