We will be talking about 21 Passive Income Ideas Nigerians can kick start, but first, let’s talk about the situation on ground right now.

In a world presently ruled by the COVID-19 government, many jobs have been lost and people have been sent the unemployment, poverty and depression line. Surely you don’t wanna fall into some category where you can’t solve problems— household problems, personal problems and achieve goals you already set all because you’re broke.

Although, making some six figures, or some tangible thousands of dollars while you sleep can be quite easy to fantasize about sitting on an armchair, sipping your favorite coffee. But it’s not easy figuring out exactly what financial decision to make leading you to financial breakthrough.

Whether you want to earn six figures through passive income as a side hustle or as a full time self-made money making strategy, passive income can be great way to supplement your monthly payment— your meagre monthly paycheck.

If you really earn some incredible thousands of dollars while you sleep, passive income is one of the most strategic ways to financial freedom. This way, you could solve a lot of problems, invest in some other profitable “something else”, and get yourself a very good, yet standard lifestyle.

However, venturing into the passive income journey could be a fantasy to dream about, yet frustrating because it is far from automatic and daydreaming. Passive Income takes a great deal of sacrificial activities like time, effort, unlearning, learning and relearning. However, these activities are worthy because it’s all gonna end in a premium comedy as you begin to guffaw your way into financial breakthrough.

Even though passive income might not be the answer to some of your other problems, it is surely gonna lift you out of financial worry. You get to pay your bills with ease and no longer depend on a monthly paycheck. In fact, you quit being a salary earner.

In this article, we’ll discuss some passive income ideas you can journey into. But before that, let’s get to know what passive income is.

Passive Income Ideas money in Nigeria

What is Passive Income.

Passive Income is that unusual kind of income that requires very little effort of maintenance to earn. It becomes progressive when the earner expends little effort to grow income.

Why You Should Earn Through Passive Income

Depending on your salary, honestly won’t allow you solve problems, it won’t help you accumulate wealth, and you won’t make money from your comfort zone. Only passive income helps increase the cash in your wallet, it helps you accomplish your financial goals compare to your monthly paycheck. Further, it helps you fulfill personal promises and create time for things you’ve always wanted to do. It simply sets you free from your nine-to-five stressful job.

Secondly, you get to be financially literate.  You know how money works, its rules and principles of acquiring wealth.  Through passive income, you’ll learn a great deal of financial education, conduct good research, and have good mentors you can learn from. This way you network and build a strong influence with people.

Lastly, apart from your active income, passive income gives you additional streams to earn money towards financial freedom.

Having mentioned the benefits of passive income earning, let’s get into the ideas of passive income you can journey into.

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21 Passive Income Ideas You Can Journey into

  1. Affiliate Marketing Passive Income Ideas

This passive income idea is one of the commonest ways to earn money while you sleep. It is basically the practice of partnering with an existing thereby becoming an affiliate to sell their products for them through your own business. Once you sell a product, you get a commission for selling that product on your online business.

Although, it takes long to build, but it becomes passive as time goes on.

Affiliate marketing as a Passive Income Idea in Nigeria
  1. Invest in Dividend Stocks

This is a proven way to earn passively. All you need to do is to do plenty of research to find good stocks and invest a tangible amount of money to receive a handsome amount of dividend checks. However, if you consistently invest into the stock market, you can get a massive nice residual income over time. You need to study the stock market to venture into the investment platforms.

  1. Rental Business

The rental business is another great idea to earn money through passive income. It is suitable for anybody. It is very easy to watch your money grow without having to keep a ledger. It is a solitary business as well as a family business.

  1. Run an Event Center

This is another investment and idea you can journey into because you know that people will continue to look for nice event center to hold their ceremonies for the next hundred years.

Event center as Passive Income Ideas for Nigerians
  1. Invest in Potential Startups

Not so many people have creative ideas to solve problems. MicroGIGsite for example is a website that hopes to bring buyers and freelancers under one roof.

People who have ideas usually do not have the capital to kickstart the business, yet it is promising. You can invest in these businesses by providing them a handsome amount of money to start off and you co-own the business which pays you regularly without having to do anything.

  1. Transportation

In today’s Nigeria where many youths are unemployed, if you have a car or two you could employ trusted people to start a transport business for you and you get your money regularly. This is another great passive income idea. You earn your money while your employee(s) work for you.

Furthermore, you can register your car as an Uber and employ a driver to take care if the business for you.

  1. Write a Book

Writing a book on something tangible, full of knowledge can earn you money even after death. The internet has made it easy for you to self-publish your book.  Kindle, Lulu, Wattpad helps you publish your creativity and even monetizes it for you.

Content writing can be Passive Income Ideas for Nigerians
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  1. E-commerce

E-commerce is a nice passive income niche to sell products online and earn as people buy. I would recommend drop shipping. You can place your goods on platforms like Shopify, Konga and Amazon, place a bid and watch your earnings grow.

  1. Start a Blog

If you have great content to share with the world; I mean useful content that provides answers to questions, blogging can be a very good idea to earn passively. All you need to do is create a blog via WordPress, buy a domain name, host it, and optimize it for the Search Engine. Build your traffic through social media and organic traffic, then you start earning through Google AdSense, selling ads spaces, promoting a product on your website, and sponsored content.

  1. Start a YouTube Channel as your Passive Income Idea

A YouTube channel is one of the latest strategies for passive income. It is the video counterpart of blogging. So, what you intend to do on YouTube is called vlogging (video blogging). Many Nigerians make money through YouTube. It is used by comedians, musicians, social media influencers, teachers, journalists, and other content creators. Once your YouTube content is unique, engagingly, informative, and entertaining, you get millions of subscribers then you monetize.

  1. Domain Flipping

You can earn money by reselling website domains. You buy domains with some money from those willing to sell theirs and resell it at a profitable price. This is called domain flipping. Filippa is a nice platform for you to get started.

  1. Copy writing is a passive income idea Nigerians can start

This is one of the most sought skill by many business owners and investors.  It is the art of writing persuasively for the purpose of marketing a particular product for people to take a direct action by purchasing the product. This business as simple as it is could lead you to earning six figures.

  1. Make Radio Jingles

If you have a nice voice and an expert in radio production and voice-over artistry, making radio jingles and selling them online can earn you money through passive income. Business owners and media institutions are in dire need of this service.

  1. Sell Video Tutorials

If you’re an expert in a certain field, sharing your knowledge on YouTube, websites, blogs and online schools like Udemy can be great ways to impact to people and these platform pays you for your services.

  1. Sell Your Photos Online

If you’re an avid photographer and an excellent photo editor, iStock Photo and Shutterstock are great platforms to upload your photos and monetize it for passive income earning. However, selling photos requires great expertise and aptitude as the platforms are very competitive. But if you have a natural photographic skill, you should be able to earn without stress.

Graphic design
  1. Sell Your Unused Logos

If you’re an expert in logo making for brands and businesses, business owners and companies need your services to make their brand’s logo for them. However, if you’re looking to sell your Logos and other graphic designs online Designhill  and Sellfy are suitable for you to get started

  1. Run Ads on your Website as a Passive Income Idea

If you have a website or blog that has massive traffic with original content, running Google AdSense can be a great way to monetize your website for a long time.

  1. Invest in the Real Estate

Without having lands or properties, you can invest in the real estate sector on residential and commercial properties that crowdfunding platforms that bring real estate developers seeking capital to develop properties for sale and rent. You get to earn up to 25% when a house or land is sold or rented out.

  1. Start a Restaurant

People eat every day, don’t they? Setting up a restaurant and employing the best of cooks to work for you while you supervise the business. This way you become the boss of a fine eating place and you earn as people come to eat every day. This business can be started with 50k or less.

  1. Solve a Community Problem.

Solving a community problem in Nigeria can be a great idea to earn through passive income. You look for communities that doesn’t have enough amenities and you provide something such as electricity, water and hospitals, schools and people pay for these things as they use them. However, you should make it affordable.

  1. Lend People Some Money can be a Passive Income Idea

Many people have been denied loans by banks and other finish institutions. But with an extra hundred thousand naira in hand, you can loan entrepreneurs some money and put an interest rate on it. Or if you’re smart enough, you help them start or promote their potential business and they pay you regular when they make sales. This is another smart idea to earn money through passive income.


Now we’ve come to the end of the list. If you really want to make money while you sleep, you should consider any of these investments. Passive Income requires sacrifice and faith and you shall see money coming to take shelter in your account.