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With the health crisis affecting the world, many companies are cutting back on employees. Others, however, offer them teleworking to limit the risk of contamination as much as possible.

These reasons explain why a large number of individuals find themselves in financial difficulty and embark on a new experience to make ends meet. Apart from rushing into small businesses like the delivery service, there are currently more effective ways to have fun and cash easily through the internet.

All you need is a connection and a device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer, and you’re done! Do you want to boost your monthly income while having fun? Try paid surveys like Panelia. The latter allows you to participate in online surveys in exchange for freebies.

Panelia overview

With technology, it is now possible to earn money by connecting to the internet. The paid survey is one of them. As the name suggests, it allows you to present your opinion on various topics.

Obviously, this action is not free. It gives you the opportunity to earn a few tens of additional euros or to obtain gifts according to the conditions of the site. Panelia stands out, moreover, among the most famous platforms in the field of paid surveys. Before becoming a panelist, we have prepared all the information related to the site for you in this article. Let’s find out the details together.

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Panelia: a paid survey platform

Panelia is a paid survey site run by an independent research institute called ARCANE Research. The latter focuses entirely on consumer surveys.

The platform allows you, in this case, to submit your review online. The theme generally focuses on very interesting subjects namely the food sector, hygiene and beauty, habitat, health and pharmacy, hearing and optics as well as banking and insurance.. Your opinion is very important to the company concerned because it not only helps it to progress but also to correct its mistakes. As indicated previously, the survey is not free.

To motivate us, the platform offers us compensation in kind. Since Panelia works closely with big brands and large companies, it presents us with a multitude of freebies in compensation for our participation in the surveys offered.

So expect to get interesting presents from each other. This includes, for example, decorative items, high-tech or household products, etc. Knowing a huge evolution, the platform currently reaches 60,000 subscribers. Likewise, it receives several positive opinions regarding its operation.

How Panelia Works

Panelia is a very easy to use site. Its structure has, in fact, been designed to simplify the task of each user. Do not worry ! No need to have high-tech knowledge to give your opinion given the restriction on the age of consumers.

To be part of the community of panelists, you must accept an invitation email before registering for free on the official Panelia website. Then he will present you with a form that you must fill out.

Of course, it contains personal information such as your civility, your first and last name, your address, your country of residence, your email address and your date of birth.

Note that it only accepts participants aged 18 and over. Remember to give exact information because the type of questionnaires varies depending on the profile you have established. Once you have submitted your entry, be sure to regularly check for junk mail or spam. It could be that the mails are there. Note that this registration does not commit you in any way.

You have the possibility to give your opinion according to your availability. Likewise, each survey can last between 10 to 20 minutes.

To get points, we advise you to take the time to answer all the questions asked. We must also be responsive, because the survey is aimed at a limited number of Internet users. If you want to have gifts, you must accumulate as many points as possible that you can check elsewhere in your account.

You will see in the latter, the list of available gifts. When you start to have enough points, we advise you to ask to redeem your gift from your account. All you have to do is complete a dedicated form, and you’re done! The duration of delivery of the gift varies between 3 to 4 weeks.

Zoom on the different winning conditions on the platform

To win prizes, it is essential to collect points. If you want to benefit from a more valuable present, do not hesitate to increase your participation. When you get to answer all the quizzes, you will get 12 points. Panelia can also offer you an intermediate survey which allows you to collect up to 6 points.

The reason ? You are only responding to part of the survey because the other part was provided by another panelist. However, you receive 2 points when you are forced to answer surveys and your criteria do not conform to the desired study. Panelia stands out for the way it appeals to its users.

Zoom on the different winning conditions on the platform

It offers them 30 points upon registration. The platform also offers you the sponsorship system which will earn you 12 points for each person invited. This technique is one of the most popular with members, because it not only increases the number of points but also gives Panelia the opportunity to gain notoriety..

The more friends you refer, the better! Seeking more ways to attract and retain its members, Panelia holds a raffle each year.

To participate, simply submit your opinions on the surveys that the platform offers you and you will receive a raffle ticket in exchange. There will be many freebies for the winners!

Is it a solid platform?

Panelia is a great way to collect gifts. Since it suggests many topics to us to deal with, it allows us to have fun during the surveys and get points afterwards. He can also focus on new products, services or even advertising.

In our opinion, this platform is very interesting since it offers several opportunities to its users to earn the maximum point not only with surveys but also through sponsorship.. Just invite friends over, and you’re good to go !

And as a sometimes unexpected bonus, it gives us 12 extra points for our anniversary. If you are wondering about the confidentiality agreement on the site, be aware that the latter indeed adopts a very strict policy. In this way, the information you have communicated will remain confidential.

With Panelia, panelists can have the chance to test new products for free. They will then have the opportunity to communicate their opinions in relation to them. A detail that is greatly appreciated by well-known brands.

Note that you can unsubscribe from the site at any time, because as indicated above, the platform does not commit you to anything. In doing so, you have two possibilities: by mail or on your account.

Although the platform offers several freebies to its consumers, it does offer a limited number of surveys.

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