What is bitcoin?

How about talking a bit about cryptocurrency on ABC Argent? This is still a fairly new subject and one that probably attracts your curiosity. Some are afraid of it, others are fascinated. But above all, without necessarily falling into the realm of emotion, more and more people are interested in it. And they are right … Read more

how to easily succeed on instagram?

Click here to rate the article [Total: 0 Moyenne : 0] Over 500 million people around the world use Instagram. To boost your company’s products, you necessarily need the Instagram marketing guides. Indeed, it doesn’t matter who your audience is; what is his age, sex, what he does, etc. ; with the help ofInstagram, you … Read more

How to write for SEO: SEO copywriters

So you’ve seen the ads and heard your clients looking for SEO copywriters, right? Do you want to try? Here are the basics of SEO writing for new SEO copywriters. SEO writing is writing text for the purpose of search engine optimization. It is writing that centers on getting the attention of search engines by … Read more

Create SEO titles that will get clicks

As a publisher, you should follow simple SEO tips to increase online readership and build your internet media brand. Get noticed by search engines, work with your staff, and watch your site statistics soar. Choose the right keyword Keyword phrase The basis of good search engine optimization (SEO) is finding the right keyword. There are … Read more


“I came up short this month” is a phrase that comes up often on sites and forums dealing with money and liquidity issues. Having a small budget overrun can happen from time to time but when you systematically find yourself with banking incidents the danger of over-indebtedness is not far away. So let’s try to … Read more

13 Digital Marketing Skills You Can Offer to Big Nigerian Businesses and Make Money

The digital industry is becoming more of a trend nowadays. Digital marketing skills have become essential in today’s world. Everyone bis now relocating to the digital world. Even businesses are not left out. By the end of the year 2020, 85% of all the businesses run by entrepreneurs would relocate to the digital world. As … Read more

16 Websites that Hire Nigerian Article Writers Currently.

We will be talking about websites that hire Nigerian article writers in this article. Sit back and let’s show you how to make money. Here in Nigeria, the writing profession is usually practiced by intellectuals and those who naturally, have the flair for writing. It is usually a solitary act and the art of writing … Read more