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The Internet is not only used to launch research, to work from home, watch videos or connect to social networks. With the evolution of technology, it offers us many ways to raise money.

Yes, it has become possible! But how ? Thanks to paid surveys! This is indeed a rather effective method to improve your monthly income. If you are looking for a reliable institute, Nicequest can become your best ally. Together, let’s discover how it really works through this article.

Who is Nicequest?

Nicequest is a very well-known Spanish platform which has just entered France some time ago. Indeed, it currently brings together in the 2.5 million members spread all over the world, in particular in 25 countries. The site offers you various surveys to enable the companies concerned to improve effectively. For your part, you will be able to benefit from gifts in exchange for your involvement.

To be rewarded, you must answer questions on a wide variety of topics, usually new products. All you need is your tablet, your computer or your smartphone to access it, and voila!

Note that for each survey, you will get seashells or points. Of course, you can exchange them for gifts. You can, for example, benefit from cosmetic items, movie tickets, telephone products, have your gift card or make donations.

To satisfy its many users, Nicequest shows good will. How? ‘Or’ What ? It offers better services to its subscribers by ensuring that it adheres scrupulously to many rules.

➡️ Register on Nicequest

Operating mode

To participate in paid surveys on Nicequest, you must respond to an invitation sent to you by members on social networks. Once you validate it, you can start the registration phase which is quick and easy. In doing so, you must complete a form including your name, first name, country of residence, email address and of course a password.

To complete your registration, Nicequest will already submit you to a short survey in which you must participate. To treat it, you only need 4-6 minutes at most.

By carrying out all these manipulations, you have 46 shells knowing that 14 shells = 1 euro. At this point, you normally have around 3.30 euros in your savings. A very good start indeed! Note that the age required for registration on Nicequest is at least 18 years old.

The next step is to answer different surveys in order to accumulate points. Note that these surveys are available by email or via the Nicequest application. All you have to do is give your opinion on the questions and you’re good to go!

Once you start accumulating your winnings, you can convert them. For 140 seashells, you can opt for a gift card on famous sites like Zalando, Fnac, Amazon, Mango, etc. For 40 points, however, it is possible to donate to associations. If you want to find freebies on the site, 100 points will be more than enough.

Nice Quest

Generally, we can receive between 1 to 3 surveys per month depending on our profile. The more questions you answer, the better!

So that you can have permanent notifications on new surveys, it would be preferable to use the dedicated application: Nicequest. Just download it from your Smartphone, and you’re done! Unfortunately, this platform does not work by sponsorship.

Once you have collected enough points, you can redeem them for gift certificates or gifts depending on their quantity. Note that there is no payment on PayPal or by bank transfer. It’s all about gift cards that you can use on suitable sites.

If you want to treat yourself for a special occasion, we recommend that you exchange the seashells for various prizes. Whether you are a fan of cosmetics, high-tech, decoration, etc., you will be served!

Moreover, the delivery is completely free! If you have, for example, 315 points, you will have an electric kettle against an HP pro printer for 765 points. If you want to have a Bluetooth keyboard, you have to collect up to 495 points.

Know that it would always be better to get gifts from 10 euros instead of waiting for the seashells to climb to 100. You will enjoy every reward that comes your way! Just choose the stores that suit you best like Spotify, Decathlon, Amazon, Bijourama, and many more.

For those who wish to donate to associations, here are some clues that could help them. If you want to donate supplies, 115 points are enough. To give children multivitamins, however, you need 60 seashells and 40 seashells to fight polio in toddlers.

Nicequest also gives you other possibilities to multiply your winnings. It offers you the possibility of exchanging your seashells against tickets for the monthly lotteries. You can use them as many times as possible knowing that a ticket is worth 15 points. You just have to wait for the raffles to see if you have your chance to win. Given, however, that several countries are involved, it can be said that the probability of winning the award is minimal.

Does Nicequest have other features?

Nicequest stands out for its many features, apart from the paid survey system.


Nicestas is a program dedicated to highly targeted members. The proof ? Only a part of the members have access to it. It consists in particular of installing an extension on many devices that we use. In this way, we can control our habits on the net.

Leisure & Culture Panel

Seeking more to satisfy its subscribers, Nicequest offers them this functionality. It will appeal to you because it helps you determine the consumption of cultural products. The leisure and culture panel is very interesting, because it allows us to benefit from additional Korus. So, every time you acquire a new cultural item like the book, do not hesitate to mention it in the program.

For this, you must indicate the date and place of purchase, the type of book, whether it is a used or new product, etc. Do the same when you get movies, music, etc. Every time you make this kind of statement, you will benefit from 3 korus.


Giving yourself gifts is always very interesting. This is why Nicequest offers you the raffle system so that you can win multiple prizes. Unfortunately, there is a cost to register for this feature.

Nicequest: is it a reliable pollster?

According to many users, Nicequest is a reliable platform. They all agree that they are well rewarded. We obviously collect the gifts that correspond to our shells. We also liked the fact that we can get a sum of around 3 euros after just registration.

Question quality, this site has everything to please. On the other hand, we would have preferred that other methods of payment for winnings were offered. So that you can make ends meet, it would be easier to have money in your bank account, for example. Some users also criticize the lack of the sponsorship system. This would have easily increased the points and also allowed to collect the most possible rewards.

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