Mingle: a better ally for making profits

Struggling to cover your monthly expenses? To help you find a little financial stability, the Internet offers a multitude of solutions tailored to your needs. Apart from online gaming, paid surveys have also become very popular in recent years.

This technique is widely used by companies wishing to launch new products or carry out market research. To help you choose the platform you need, I present the Mingle site to you. But what does it really consist of? Can it really make you money? Let’s find out the answers through this article. Focus!

Mingle is a German platform belonging to a Respondi company, created in 2005. It consists of collecting public opinions through surveys that will update a database or predict changes according to the trend. Of course, citizens will benefit from remuneration in return.

The site has around 300,000 members despite the fact that it is still very little known in the field. Following the renovations carried out by the company, it ranks first among the various paid survey institutes.

In other words, the transformations carried out on the platform make it more attractive and more fluid. To take advantage of the many benefits that Mingle offers, you will have to go through many steps, starting with registration, which is free. All you have to do is access your account, participate in the surveys offered and you’re done!

➡️ Register on Mingle

Registration on Mingle: the different steps to follow

Mingle Respondi has recently received particularly positive feedback. Statistics show, in fact, that the site has paid around a million euros to its members. In all, it has also carried out more than 2,400,000 surveys. If you want to supplement your end of the month, you have found what you need.

To take advantage of it, consider registering on the site. Note, however, that only people residing in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, aged 16 years are concerned. The first step is therefore to create a user account which will allow you not only to collect the points but also to receive the surveys.

In doing so, you must provide some personal information, namely your first and last name as well as your e-mail address. You must then enter your password. All you have to do is wait for the confirmation by email. Once this step is completed, you can finally start your first survey.

For more credibility, we advise you to fill out all the sections of your profile in order to have a targeted survey and to fully enjoy it. Note that the email that will be sent to you for each survey is very detailed. It contains the period of participation in the latter, its duration as well as the payment.

What are the different types of surveys offered on Mingle?

The Mingle survey works in different ways: by SMS or online, depending on your preferences. Also, two possibilities may present themselves to you:

Product testing

They consist of using well-known branded products from your home. This approach promises to be rather beneficial for you. The reason ? It allows you not only to keep the article to yourself but at the same time to receive money according to your involvement. Note, however, that it is not for everyone. To select you, the site must rely on your profile and your experience in the field.

Paid surveys on Mingle Respondi

If you’ve signed up for Mingle, you should expect to deal with multiple surveys on different topics from each other. Usually, they focus on politics, your eating habits, your current shows, and so much more. What better way to keep you entertained after a boring day?

Know that you have the right not to participate in a questionnaire, if that does not appeal to you. Do not worry ! You will not get any sanction! Moreover, an account deletion only takes place after a long absence of 3 months. To benefit from the additional points, feel free to approve a survey of which you are not a member. You will earn 5 more points.

How to make money on Mingle

Usually, you need to do surveys every 2 days. For each survey carried out, you will get points (25 to 150 points / survey) which will then turn into money.

This site is rather positive since it offers you 5 euros per month once you participate in the surveys. Also note that even if the theme does not suit you, you will get 10 points. Clearly, you do not necessarily have to accept all the types of surveys that will be offered to you to win money.

Unfortunately, Mingle works differently when it comes to winnings. Unlike similar survey sites, it does not offer a sponsorship system but it does a draw. To increase your luck, you will be automatically registered for the latter as long as you take part in the survey. Thus, you will be able to win a gift which, of course, will be communicated to you by e-mail or SMS.

How much are the earnings on Mingle?

Mingle offers 3 types of payments to its members.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are released as soon as you have reached 1,500 points (equivalent to 15 euros). You can therefore use it to do your shopping online. Just go to renowned sites to spend your gift card, and voila!

Bank transfers

If you’ve taken paid surveys to boost your monthly earnings, this alternative is all you need. The more points you collect, the better. Indeed, if you have for example 100 points, you receive 1 euro and 20 euros for 2000 points. To benefit from it, here are the steps to follow.

Go to the member’s area then press redeem points. Note, however, that you can only perform this step when you have 2000 points.

Don’t worry, the sum will be injected into your account as quickly as possible. With more than ten euros per month, you will be able to save a good sum after a few months. Knowing that Mingle is very reliable, you have the option of employing it to maximize your monthly earnings.

The gift

Do you want to make a donation to associations but you don’t have the budgets for it? Mingle will do the job perfectly! You just have to choose between Amnesty International, WWF, Unicef, or others.

Can we really rely on Mingle for a gain?

The Mingle Paid Survey is a great site that allows us to effectively accumulate earnings. By registering on this site, you will have the opportunity to become a product tester.

He is also serious about payment and reward. Something to please its members! Also, with the surveys offered on a regular basis, we have more chance to accumulate points and therefore earn more money.

Like any other paid survey site, Mingle also has its flaws. As we have seen previously, the platform imposes strict regulations in relation to the ages of the registrants. You must have 16 to participate. Moreover, the lottery system can also be a disadvantage.

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