Mad skills to find a job

We have already told you about soft skills. But there is also another trend that you should consider if you are actively looking for a job. These are the Mad Skills. Indeed, this need for atypical skills is felt, particularly in the tech and digital sector. So what are mad skills ? Why are companies looking for atypical and exceptional profiles? How to understand and apprehend these new needs? What are the mad skills you need to have to find a job faster? Today, ABC Argent is answering you!

Atypical and exceptional skills

The advent of the tech and digital giants has upset the codes in the world of work. We were thus able to discover the importance of soft skills, which designate a new way of working, of managing but also of recruitment. These soft skills include, for example, participatory management, but also all the new trends in the world of employment. You should also have in mind the notion of mad skills. It is also about new trends concerning the capacities of the candidates to have atypical competences. The goal for companies is to determine your profile, and to check your skills to lead a project. Mad skills make all the difference, and will allow you to stand out against other candidates with whom you are competing. This is a little tip that could help you find a job faster. As long as you use mad skills with intelligence and strategy!

Mad skills

As you will have understood, mad skills are all that will allow you to differentiate yourself from others on the job market. You must be able to bring a professional side to your hobbies, for example. Your passions can become real assets that will work in your favor. You must list your skills, even those that have nothing to do with the job you are looking for. And you will then have to succeed in making them assets for the position you are aiming for. Thus, perseverance for example, or even motivation can be considered as mad skills. Great athletes can thus become excellent managers ! You must therefore have studied in connection with your project, but your hobbies can also work in your favor. It’s up to you to make it a real asset when you meet the recruiter.

Business research

Currently, you can still make a difference with soft skills. These can be enough to help you find a job quickly. But that’s not always enough. To distinguish yourself from the other candidates who are sometimes very numerous, you must play the card of mad skills. Out-of-the-ordinary and somewhat original skills may appeal to recruiters. Your profile needs to stand out, and that’s precisely when the mad skill can be of great help to you. Because companies like profiles that go outside the box. They are looking for exceptional know-how, with exceptional skills. That you certainly have! But you must succeed in demonstrating them, by leaving the too strict framework of your studies and your diplomas. Each of your skills should be used in your job search.

Mad skills to find a job

Hobbies, passions and hobbies

To play the mad skills card, you have to be interested in what you do outside of your studies and your professional life. You necessarily have hobbies, passions and / or hobbies that you practice during your free time. However, contrary to what you may think, these help you develop original skills. They can be very helpful in your job search. These are assets that will work in your favor. You can play these cards during your upkeep, because they can just make a difference. Never forget that today’s societies need competent, but also original and atypical people. Every little detail of your profile will have to convince your future employer that you are the right person to move the business forward. You must therefore exploit each argument, and choose a winning strategy. Your job search shouldn’t be too classic. The dynamic and atypical side could make all the difference and help you quickly get the job of your dreams!

As you will have understood, companies are increasingly looking for atypical profiles. You must know how to juggle your professional skills and those you have acquired during your free time, and while you have indulged in your different passions. Remember that every detail counts and can make a real difference. While remaining serious, you must succeed in imposing yourself against other candidates. And mad skills can really help you play the strategy card. Your turn !

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