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If you surf the web often, you’ve probably seen pop-ups (advertisements) for casino games or gambling. In recent years, there are more and more on the internet.

Have you ever wondered if all these games are reliable or not? Like you, there are a lot of Internet users who wonder about online gambling. Are all the casino games available on the internet reliable? What are the best places to play games of chance? But above all, can we play online casinos legally in France? We will try to answer all these questions in this article.

What exactly is an online casino?

You should already know that in France, online games are subject to very strict regulations. This is why it is important to know the true meaning of the term “online casino” or “virtual casino”To better understand its rules.

French law makes a point of distinguishing between online casino games (based on chance and luck) logic games (based on deduction and intelligence).

When we talk about casino games, we are talking about all forms of betting: poker, roulette, blackjack, slot machines, etc. If this universe is familiar to you, you will surely know that some of these games are already available on Internet. Can we deduce that it is possible to legally play casino games in France? Not sure …

Can we play online casino legally in France?

Games of chance, including online games, have always been managed and monopolized by the State through the Française des Jeux before 2010. It was from May 12, 2010 that things started to change. Law n ° 2010-476 of May 12, 2010 opened up the online gambling market to competition.

Without completely legalizing online casinos, the legislation has been shown to be more flexible on circle games (backgammon, sports betting, poker). However, it maintained the ban for all other online games such as slot machines, blackjack, craps, roulette, etc.

The legislation also specifies that online casino games that have been legalized must obtain approval from an independent administrative authority. It is therefore the ARJEL (Online Gaming Regulatory Authority) which was responsible for regulating and controlling the online gaming market in France.

In other words, all online casino games are not necessarily authorized to exploit the French market. Only game operators who have obtained a license from ARJEL have the right to do so. To answer the question: “can we legally play at online casinos in France?”, And the answer is therefore: “yes, but only partially”.

Online casinos: what is the real role of ANJ (ex-ARJEL)?

Online casinos what is the real role of ANJ (ex-ARJEL)

You will surely have understood it, it is the law of May 12, 2010 which made it possible to create the ARJEL. It was then the law relating to the growth and transformation of companies of May 22, 2019 that transformed ARJEL into ANJ (National Games Authority).

ANJ’s missions were specified in the ordinance of October 2, 2019 reforming the regulation of online games. It is mentioned that the ANJ is responsible for supervising, monitoring and securing the online gaming market in France. Here, of course, we are talking about the games that have been licensed and that you can legally play on.

In addition, the ANJ must make all the necessary efforts to fight effectively against illegal online games, including casino games. It should also be responsible for combating fraud and money laundering that could take place on online games.
But these are not the only prerogatives of the ANJ.

This authority is also responsible for issuing all approvals for new online gambling operators in France. In short, for an online casino game to become legal, it will then be necessary to obtain a validation from the ANJ. In short, all games that are not approved must therefore be considered illegal.

All new offers and all new game rules must imperatively be validated with the ANJ before being offered to the general public. Note that the ANJ has an obligation to protect consumers, and more especially vulnerable people.

You now know that not all online casino games offered are legal. But how do you recognize the sites where you can legally play online casinos? Well be aware that there are several criteria to take into account to check the reliability of the sites on which you play:

  • First check that the site has a official license issued by the ANJ. Normally, you will find this in the “legal notices” section at the bottom of the site’s home page.
  • Check that the mailing address and telephone contacts of the game operator are correct. Also make sure the site has real customer support.
  • Check that the site is certified “eCOGRA”And that the small icon“TST”(Technical Systems Testing) is present at the bottom of the page. This icon is used in some ways to ensure that the site and the software used are completely secure.

If not, there is a more convenient way to find out which sites and online casino game operators have obtained ANJ approval.

You can simply check the blacklist of illegal online gambling sites in France to see if the site you are playing is on it. The easiest solution would probably be to check the list of licensed operators on the official ANJ website.

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