Invest in health through the purchase of shares in SCPI

You would like to buy SCPI shares to grow your savings and earn money but you still do not know in which sector to invest? Well, why not invest in the health sector? You may not know it, but the healthcare market has become a very promising investment opportunity in recent years.

In 2018 alone, healthcare real estate investments in France have already exceeded 800 million euros. And we can say with certainty that the health crisis linked to Covid-19 will further consolidate our national and global health system.

Apart from that, there are also other reasons which lead us to believe that the needs for health infrastructures will multiply very soon. Curious to know more? Well, to find out everything about investing in health SCPI, we invite you to read the rest of this article.

The SCPI or Société Civile de Placement Immobilier is above all a savings investment. These are management companies, considered as “large real estate agencies”, which hold and manage professional property portfolios on behalf of several savers.

When you invest in a SCPI, you therefore indirectly and collectively become the owner of real estate for professional use.

It can be an office, a business, a warehouse, a hotel, etc. As an “indirect” co-owner, you do not have to take care of administrative questions or construction work. maintenance of the assets in which you have invested.

It is the management company which is responsible for managing the totality of the real estate park in return for a small commission of course.

The management company must also ensure that the investment of its savers is sustainable. To achieve this, for example, it will have to take into account the quality of the real estate it buys but also carefully select tenants.

It will then have to collect the rents to redistribute the income quarterly to all savers. It is important to specify that the value of the income distributed to each saver must be proportional to the amount invested.

In short, the more units you hold in SCPI, the greater the amount of income you will receive. Many people are still unaware of it but investments in SCPI are not necessarily limited to the borders of France. Indeed, most French management companies have already set out to conquer international players.

Why invest in a health SCPI?

Why invest in a health SCPI?

Investing in the health sector will not only make your savings profitable but also help improve health services.

Here are just two important reasons for which you will have to invest your money in the health SCPI:

A profitable health crisis

If the 2020 health crisis has taught us anything, it is that health should always be at the center of all priorities.

Everyone quickly understood how poor the current health infrastructure was (lack of materials, staff, accommodation, etc.).

This is an observation that is shared by almost all the countries of the world. For health SCPI savers, this is an opportunity that opens up! Indeed, economic stimulus plans mainly focused on health are already being put in place all over the world.

The United States, for example, announced that 130 billion euros would be dedicated to the health sector to revive the American economy.. It is a movement that other countries, including European countries, will probably soon follow.

Needs that continue to increase

But at the same time, the health crisis of 2020 is not the only thing that should motivate you to invest in health SCPI.

In fact, the demands on the healthcare market have already increased for a few years now. And according to the estimates of many specialists, it will continue to increase in the years to come. What most people do not know is that the population, in France as elsewhere, is living longer and longer.

According to the latest polls, ¼ of the French would be over 60 years old and the figures could double within a few decades.

This demographic explosion will inevitably lead to an increase in health needs. In a few years, we will therefore need more clinics, more hospitals, more laboratories and more nursing homes.

This is why we recommend you invest in health infrastructure now for long-term returns.

The different types of health SCPI

You now know why investing in the health sector through the purchase of REITs is beneficial and profitable. Here are now 3 types of health SCPI on which you can quickly get a return on your investment:

SCPI Pierval Santé

SCPI Pierval Santé

The SCPI Pierval Santé is the very first SCPI entirely dedicated to the investment of healthcare real estate in France. Created in 2013, it is managed by the management company Euryale Asset Management.

The SCPI Pierval Santé posted a yield of 5.05% and reached one billion euros in capitalization in the first quarter of 2020.

What makes the real strength of SCPI Pierval Santé is the diversification of investments both geographically and sectorally.

It mainly invested the money of its savers in EPHADs and specialized clinics. SCPI Pierval Santé has invested in real estate in France, but also in Germany, Ireland and Portugal.

SCPI Primovie

Created in 2012, SCPI Primovie is one of the most important and influential SCPIs on the market. In the first quarter of 2020, its capitalization has already exceeded 3 billion euros.

In 2019, its return was evaluated at 4.51%, while the average of competing SCPIs was 4.40%. Healthcare real estate represents more than 66% of SCPI Primovie’s investments.

It mainly focuses on the acquisition of nursing homes and specialized social centers. The 34% of its investments are mainly oriented towards the education sector. (nurseries, schools, training centers, etc.).

Managed by the management company Primonial REIM, SCPI Primovie has invested mainly in France but also in Spain, Italy and Germany.

The SCPI Foncière des Praticiens

The SCPI Foncière des Praticiens

The SCPI Foncière des Praticiens is still a very recent SCPI and yet it already enjoys significant notoriety on the market. This SCPI was created on the initiative of several practitioners from the private sector.

The investment strategy of the SCPI Foncière des Praticiens is based mainly on the acquisition of private clinics and medical practices.

So far, we must recognize that this strategy is effective since the SCPI Foncière des Praticiens interests more and more savers every day.

It shows a yield of 5.10% and its capitalization over the first quarter of 2020 has already reached 10.5 million euros..

SCPI Pierval Santé SCPI Primovie SCPIE Land of Practitioners
Yield 5.05% 4.51% 5.10%
Unit price (€) 1000 203 1,100
Minimum investment (€) 5,000 2,030 22,000
Capitalization (€) +1 billion +3 billion +10 million

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