How to value your odd jobs to find a job more easily?

If you are a recent graduate and you are looking for your first real job, you are inevitably lacking in experience. But it is not dramatic. Indeed, you will be able to promote the experiences acquired during your occasional “little jobs”. You just need to know how to highlight them in your CV, to prove to your future company that you have been motivated by work for a long time. Each experience is good to take and will inevitably have brought you something. So how to showcase your odd jobs ? Today ABC Argent helps and accompanies you in your job search.

The multiplication of odd jobs

Younger people tend to do odd jobs. Whether it is in the summer, during the holidays, or in the evening after their university days, they can work. Often these jobs have nothing to do with their professional goal. And yet, during these experiences, they develop certain skills that could be useful. You must first know that doing odd jobs proves your motivation and your commitment. Which is generally essential for recruiters. Any professional experience will be a great asset for your CV, and you can use it to demonstrate your personality, your dynamism, and your willingness to work harder. So never forget to mention those little jobs that may at first seem uninteresting to you.

Motivation and dynamism

Doing odd jobs is a strength for the candidate. Indeed, you certainly prove your motivation, but not only. Indeed, you build up a stock of many skills that will not be negligible in the context of your future job. In addition, you learn to manage stress, to work in a team, to organize yourself … all of these points that companies look for in a candidate. You must not forget that during a recruitment, a company is obviously looking for specific skills but also a full-fledged personality who will know how to evolve and adapt within his new workspace. However, the multiplication of small jobs can work in your favor!

Analysis of experience

You must not devalue your professional skills. Some will have been acquired during odd jobs. Let us take a few examples. If you have worked in personal service, you will have developed social skills with people in difficulty, which proves that you are a good communicator. In addition, this sector is very appreciated and brings a very human side to your profile. Another example: if you have been a telephone consultant, you have learned to be comfortable and efficient on the phone, and to approach customers with a smile. The cashiers are trustworthy and quick, and the waiters know how to withstand the pressure. So many assets that you can easily highlight during your job search. When looking for your first job, don’t forget to mention all those odd jobs that can ultimately help you make the difference against other candidates!

How to value your odd jobs to find a job more easily

The difference and the advantages

When you go looking for your first job, you will quickly find that competition is fierce in the job market. The other candidates are fierce and you will have the impression that they have more important assets than you. But your odd jobs can be a strategic key to playing to catch the eye of the recruiter. Someone who has put together long days and odd jobs is courageous and dynamic. You will prove that you are able to easily adapt to new working conditions, and that you know how to rank your priorities. It is a real strength that you can use during your interview, for example.

The international

Finally, the last card to play, your international experiences. Indeed, if you had the chance to go to study abroad or if you worked in another country, you must mention it. It is a major asset to make the difference because this experience proves your open-mindedness and your ability to adapt. You will also undoubtedly have learned to master a foreign language, which is an additional advantage on your Curriculum Vitae. Finally, don’t forget that any experience is rewarding. You may feel like this isn’t the case, but in reality, you absolutely have to mention everything when looking for a job. The recruiter can only appreciate your multiple professional experiences, in France or abroad.

As you will have understood, you can easily use your various student jobs or your odd summer jobs to enhance your profile. This will help you develop your skills and add a few strings to your bow as part of your job search. Each experience is interesting, so mention them systematically to make a difference with recruiters. Good luck, and see you soon for more tips!

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