How to use social networks to find a job?

Are you looking for a job? So you will without the slightest doubt canvass companies to try to show yourself under your best profile and thus land the job of your dreams. However, often one point is overlooked: social networks. And yet, these can be dangerous but can also be very useful ! So how can you use social media to get a job? Today, I am giving you some wise advice so that your presence on the Web becomes a real asset in your job search.

The importance of e-reputation

It is a relatively recent phenomenon. Indeed, for 10 years now, social networks have been an integral part of French life. You should know that 62% of French people connect at least once a day to a social network. And among them are recruiters and maybe your future boss! It is therefore very important to take into account the power of these digital tools. You have to make sure that your profiles on social networks are protected from the eyes of others. If you choose to make them public, they must be spotless. You have to determine with precision and strategy how you want to be visible on the web. This is called e-reputation. And unfortunately, many candidates have seen their dreams collapse because of their reputation on the Internet… The information circulating on the Web must be mastered. You absolutely have to be careful. And to do that, you have to start by sorting it out.

An effort of transparency

When you look for a job, you try to give the best image of yourself. You must therefore pay attention to the image you convey, including on the Internet. Indeed, recruiters will often look on social networks and search engines. It is a way of verifying the reputation of the candidate. Also, the first thing to do is to type your first and last name in a search bar, in order to be able to consult the results. Photos, old CVs, information… everything must be checked before you apply on the right or on the left. Because the company will do this research! Likewise, on social networks, you just need to lock your profiles to make them private. So, only your friends and relatives will be able to consult them. Once your online reputation is perfect, you can take the next step.

Optimizing your profile

When you have taken care to protect your e-reputation, you will be able to optimize your candidate profile. You can do everything to create one or more new profiles in order to highlight your skills, your CV, your photos … You will be able to showcase yourself seriously within these social networks. You can also post statutes in which you explain your research and your motivations. Do not hesitate to discuss your previous professional experiences, as well as your references. Always with a natural and relaxed tone. All this information will be the perfect keywords for the company that will be able to identify you quickly.. You have to make sure that your profile is attractive to a recruiter, but that it also looks very natural. By posting your CV online, you have a better chance of getting noticed!

How to use social media to find a job

Great opportunities

You should also know that you will be able to attract the attention of recruiters that you have not necessarily thought of. By taking care of your profiles on your social networks and ensuring your e-reputation, some companies will be attracted to your skills. They can then contact you directly to ask for other information. Even to invite you to a possible interview. This is a way of doing more and more widespread in the recruitment sector. And you would be wrong not to take advantage of it. It would be a shame to miss out on great job offers simply because your social media profiles are messy. and that they do not reflect your seriousness or your skills. Don’t forget that virtual social networks can be a real lever in finding a job.

You will understand, social networks can work against you or in your favor! Indeed, when you search for a job, it’s a safe bet that recruiters will check your e-reputation, and therefore that they will consult your social networks. It is essential to sort it out, and to check that everything is locked. Only information that is favorable to you should be accessible. Do not hesitate to put yourself on the scene, and use digital tools to find a job faster. It is effective as long as you know how to tell the difference. Your turn !

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