How to spend less to go on vacation this year?

Summer vacation is fast approaching, and this year it will have a very special taste. The Covid-19 pandemic has upset the entire organization of our country, and we have to rethink our holidays very differently. Not only will it be difficult to leave French territory (and it is strongly advised against), but also budgets are limited. Perhaps you are also obliged to revise your vacation budget down this year … However, should you give up leaving? How to organize a slightly different and above all less expensive holiday for the year 2020 ? Today I’m giving you some tips!

A complete upheaval

On May 14, 2020, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced good news: the French will have the right to go on vacation in July and August. If this announcement made you feel good, you need to organize them now. Because these vacations will have nothing to do with those you have experienced so far. Indeed, the TGV will run 100% throughout the territory, but it is indeed in France that you will have to go on vacation. In addition, certain rules will be imposed to limit the spread of the virus as much as possible. You will have to respect social distancing, wear the mask in certain places, be careful to wash your hands well regularly… in short, you must absolutely respect the barrier gestures. But apart from that, you can do whatever you want … while respecting your budget of course! Because yes, you must remain vigilant and avoid rushing to book a vacation that would put you in the red for the months to come. Caution is required in these uncertain times.

A severely restricted budget

Unfortunately, like many French people, vacations take a back seat. Because the finances are not in good shape. The Covid-19 health crisis has led to an unprecedented economic crisis. Household budgets are already starting to feel the effects. So you have to focus on the essentials, and unfortunately, vacations are not one of them. However, by carrying out a strategic plan of attack, you can undoubtedly be able to take a few days of vacation. As long as you take the right decisions to avoid putting your bank account in the red. It is possible to follow a few tips to ensure that this summer 2020 vacation is well organized and does not cost you too much.

Holidays in August

The holidays will cost you the least. This is even more true if you agree to leave after August 15th because the prices drop sharply. If you compare the prices of reservations between July and August, you will quickly see that the cost is lower in August. Like every year, moreover! Booking prices can go from single to double in just a few days. If you don’t have time off imposed by your boss and you are free to choose your vacation days, then it is highly preferable to opt for the month of August. But beware, the period is not the only criterion to take into account! Indeed, you must also be interested in the geographical area of ​​your future vacation. We give you some clues!

The geographic sector

Obviously, you must also take into account the geographical area of ​​your vacation. The place conditions the budget very strongly. The seaside are often very expensive, because they are very popular with tourists, especially in summer. Also, why this year not taking advantage of other regions can be less attractive but just as relaxing. For example, can you consider going to Burgundy or Lozère? Why not also head to the Loire to discover some châteaux? Maybe now is a good time to consider a vacation that is a little different. Far from the crowds, and respecting your budget! Some departments are shunned by holidaymakers, and thus allow you to welcome you in complete safety, at attractive prices. Likewise, do not hesitate to inquire about going to the mountains, because in summer this destination is about half the cost of the sea. The stay in the mountains will be refreshing, calm and pleasant, far from the hustle and bustle. beaches that it is perhaps better to avoid this summer.

How to spend less on vacation this year

It is obvious that this year 2020, the holidays will taste slightly different. You won’t be able to go as far as usual, and you may not have the same budget to allocate to your time off. However, as you have seen, you can find suitable solutions to take a breath of fresh air before the start of the September school year. Choose the month of August preferably, and head to lesser-known but equally beautiful geographical areas for a relaxing and inexpensive holiday … Enjoy!

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