How to sell his drawings? Which platform?



When you are an artist, it is not always easy to sell your work, although you are very talented. How to sell his drawings? This is the problem. In this article, we will provide you with a guide to help you better sell your works. We also offer you some tips to find the best platforms to sell your designs.

When you are an artist, the most difficult is not to perfect your art, but to sell it. When you get to the stage where your art needs to be known to the general public, that’s where the real work begins. You are going to have to behave like a real business if you want to sell them at their fair value. Before starting, you must devote a lot of time to marketing your designs.

Determine the legal details you need to know

What are the legal issues that need to be addressed in order to legally sell his creations? Once you decide to sell your works, you are no longer one of the amateur artists. You enter the professional framework, even if you rarely sell your designs.

In this specific case, you have the obligation to register with Urssaf. A certificate of vigilance allows you to certify the compliance of your business, small is it, and thus of your products. Once your registration is done, you will get an APE code with a number Siret. In this way, you will be able to easily make invoices. You will comply with the regulations in force.

When you also send a letter with your first invoice to the Maison des Artistes, you will be able to have a number order . There are also administrative registrations that you must make with the tax authoritiesallowing you to declare your taxes. These procedures should be followed, even if you do not want to make the sale of your designs your main activity.

Highlight what makes you unique

If you have no shortage of inspirations and now decide to share your creations, you probably already know what makes you unique. This is what you need put forward. An artist is more appreciated over others who show up for the simple reason that he something different to offer. Find out how to show yours. It is indeed not easy to feel it and transmit it. It is quite a difference that you must know how to demonstrate.

Know how to target potential customers and categorize them

You must well define your customers to better target them. You need to know some basic data like:

  • Age,
  • Sex,
  • The family situation,
  • Income,
  • Geographical location, etc.

Ask yourself: who are my designs for? Who loves them? Who needs it? Are you targeting expert artists? Educational institutions? Magazines ?

Knowing your target better also allows you to choose an effective and relevant means of communication. In this way, your communication strategy will be more personalized, and therefore, more impactful.

To make you better known, be in groups with the same theme as youwhether physical or online. You can even find ideas on how to make yourself better known. The exchanges are always constructive.

Share your work as much as possible

As much as you can, to make yourself known, there are no great tips but disseminate your achievements as much as possible. Whether you go through the social networks , the media or other, the main thing is to make yourself known to the general public.

feel free to find exhibition venues to present your designs. In your city, you will surely find more than one. There are galleries and professional artiststhat you can contact.

Protect your art

One of the details that you should also consider is to protect your art well. Copiers and con artists are not few and they use powerful techniques to make you look like the culprit.

You can for example find a way toprevent your products from being downloaded for free, if you decide to sell them online. You can also deploy hyperlink protection so that others cannot use your designs on their site.

You should also know that you have protection from copyright. As long as you produce aesthetic creations, you can protect them with patent filing, trademark filing, copyright, etc.

Offer strengths that set you apart from others

In order for your works of art to command attention, you must provide services that set you apart from others. Among some tips that may be useful to you, you should first of all:

  • Be original when you offer your products, whether at the level of their presentation, their advertising or other.
  • Be responsive to requests from your potential customers, whether they ask questions for more information or whatever. It is very important tointeract with your fans.
  • Be serious and professional , even better if you are accessible 24 hours a day.

The different platforms on which to sell your drawings

It’s important to know how to put yourself forward as the competition is getting tougher, whatever your field. But also to find a great way to do it. Possibly from find a platformable to assert and publicize your designs.

With the development of technology that has enabled online sales, it is also possible for you tosell your designs on the Internet. But to do this, especially if you don’t have your own site yet, you can deploy several platforms for sell your designs.

As there is a multitude of platforms offering to sell your arts, it becomes difficult to determine which one to choose. To help you, here is a list from which you can select the ones that may suit your needs.


We find everything on Amazon. It is therefore possible that you can find a place on this platform to sell your drawings. It offers a space for the sale of 2D creations. This can relate to paintings, photographs, etc.

For sell your designs on Amazon, you must first be approved as a seller. You will then be prompted to choose a sales plan. If there are fees to pay, you should keep in mind that Amazon is viewed by millions upon millions of visitors from all over the world. So you will have more chance of finding a buyer for your designs .

· Social media

The social networksare also one of the best ways to sell your designs. They have become essential to make themselves known. In addition to selling them, you can also optimize your business by telling your story.

Simply create an artist account. By joining various groups, you can also meet great artists. Among these platforms, you can choose in particular:







To keep a significant portion of the sales of your designs while selling them faster, you can choose the platform Etsy. It offers a space for fine arts. It mainly supports independent creators. Sure Etsy , there is a dedicated space especially for custom designs, portraitsand the illustrations.

Major Art

Art Majeur is an online art gallery. It is intended for graphic designers, painters and anyone who is good at drawing. You can there publish your work for free . Moreover, registration is free. The platform will promote your designs and will only ask to be paid once you have sold your designs. Its sales commissions are among the lowest in the market.


Deviantartis an online arts community that promotes painters, illustrators and graphic designers. Each exhibitor owns the copyright on this site. Despite its interface in English, it brings together members from all over and mainly writes comments in their own language.


From a simple graph, but very intuitive, this platform is your solution if you do not know how to sell your designs. Designers , paintersand sculptors will have their places. It allows to create an artist website for free. To do this, you simply need to fill out a form. In addition to being able to present your works, you can also enjoy:

  • Of a virtual exhibition gallery specific to you,
  • A space for your personal pages and your biography,
  • Of a personal blog ,
  • A contact page to manage your customers’ orders and questions
  • A personalized address,
  • Of a SEO optimized to be more visible in search engines.


Whether you are photographers, painters, sculptors, designers, ArtQuid is the platform for you if you have talent to sell. It is possible to sell or buy 3D works, drawings, photographs, Street art, etc.

This ArtQuid platform is particularly fun and practical. Although it is paid, it does not take any commission on sales. On this site, you have the possibility to choose the designs you want to highlight.


ArtPalis a site that allows you to sell and buy works of art online. You can present your paintings, photographs and drawings there. The designs are really well presented, which helps optimize sales.

This site is free and you will not be charged any membership fees. You will be able to quickly sell your designs with instant payment. You have the possibility to have your own gallery .

Know how to estimate the value of your drawings

The price is also one of the important points that you should consider when selling your designs. It is not easy to estimate how much your work is worth. You must proceed objectively in estimating your designs. For the criteria among which you must pay attention, we mainly note:

  • The material you used,
  • Your background and your experience,
  • The technique you have deployed,
  • The price applied on the market for your art,
  • The time you spent making them.

You can ask an expert to have them estimated for you if you doubt your skills on this. This is a very delicate part. With a price too low, you risk asking your potential buyers about the value of your designs. With too high a price, we will hesitate less to take them although they are very interesting.

The importance of shipping and packaging your designs

If you choose to sell onlineor with one of these platforms, so you will have to ship your designs . You must have the necessary materials to package them and be able to keep their beauty intact.

Choosing a provider for deliveryalso remains very important. Which one to choose ? Make comparisons before you decide. Solicit opinions. Ask for recommendations. Don’t decide until you are sure you are making the right choice.

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