How to make a spontaneous application?

Spontaneous applications represent 62% of the actual procedures carried out by job seekers. And maybe you are in this situation? To find a job, applying spontaneously can indeed be an interesting solution. And anyway, you risk nothing to try your luck … That said, it is preferable to put all the chances on your side by making the right strategic choices. Then how write a CV for a spontaneous application ? Today ABC Argent helps you make the difference when you submit spontaneous applications.

Spontaneous application

The spontaneous application is part of what is called the hidden job market. Companies are not officially looking for a new employee, but they are not closed to hiring. You should know that 50% of hires are linked to these spontaneous applications, and that it is therefore interesting to try your luck if you are looking for a job. It is therefore a question of sending a CV spontaneously, and of make all the difference. You will need to attract the attention of a recruiter who is not necessarily looking for candidates. You must therefore act strategically so that the recruiter wants to contact you upon receipt of your CV. You will have to follow a few rules so that your application really makes all the difference.

The tone used

First of all you have to avoid being too formal. You really have to be able to make a difference, by talking to the right person. You must not send 100 identical CVs to 100 different companies! It is useful to find out who will receive this resume so that you can address them directly, in a personalized way. You must also adapt to the values ​​of the company, to understand its culture, and to target companies in line with your skills. All this investigation can now be carried out upstream thanks to social networks, in particular professional ones. You will learn a lot of things about the employer and you will be able to adapt the tone of your employee in your application. All the details matter and can really make all the difference!

The shape of the CV

The CV just has to be perfect so that the recruiter who is not looking for a candidate is attracted to yours. You have to try to be as synthetic as possible to seduce him in a single glance. You have to bet on the simplicity of the layout, with a good quality white paper and a rather classic and rounded font. You must present a legible and airy document, and personalize your CV according to your character, your preferences, and the sector of activity for which you are applying. Finally, do not forget to have your CV proofread by your relatives to avoid spelling errors which are the worst effect on recruiters!

How to apply spontaneously

The post

When deciding to apply spontaneously, you should avoid being too general. Indeed, it is necessary to aim for a very precise position, which will be in adequacy with your skills, your diplomas or your possible professional experience. Moreover, the title of the position in question must appear clearly in your CV in order to that the recruiter immediately understands what you are looking for. Beating around the bush is not helpful or advisable as recruiters are usually short on time. You must therefore aim for a specific position. Then you have to highlight your qualities and your strengths. Everything you could bring to this position are essential points that you must list clearly and precisely. You can dare to ask for specific things and clearly indicate the position you are targeting, this is generally appreciated proof of motivation!

A cover letter

We also advise you to accompany your CV with a small cover letter, personalized and concise. Indeed, this letter must be brief because it is a spontaneous application. The recruiter will neither have the desire nor the time to read a novel! You don’t have to go into details, and instead focus on the main points that motivate your spontaneous application. You must remain vigilant on the syntax as well as on the spelling if you wish to retain the attention of the professionals who will receive your documents. Finally, don’t forget that you will have the opportunity to go into detail if you land an interview. The objective of this letter is not to be exhaustive but rather to make a difference as quickly as possible.


Finally, you have to be modern and immediately hit your target. So, so that the recruiter receives your CV and cover letter directly, we recommend that you contact them by email, not by post. Indeed, you will be able to know if he received your email quickly by requesting an acknowledgment of receipt. And besides, the recruiter will also be able to more easily forward your email to the appropriate service if ever he wishes. This is the preferred means of communication at first.

You will understand, you can opt for the spontaneous application to try to find the job of your dreams. But be vigilant and be careful to act concisely and strategically. Your turn !

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