How to get back to work after raising children?

Have you had children and you put your career on hold for several years? Don’t panic, many women make this choice. And yet, they return to work without great difficulty, and can even make nice professional advances. However, it is important to make the right decisions and to make wise choices. How? ‘Or’ What returning to work after raising children ? Today, ABC Argent is examining this thorny question and providing you with some answers.

The moment of reflection

Before you fully embark on your job search, you will have to take a step back to think about your situation. First, you’ll need to think about what you’ve accomplished since quitting your career, and regain confidence in yourself and your skills. You must understand that these years spent at home surrounded by your children have been beneficial and that you have learned a lot of things. These can be useful in your job search! You must be able to list these positive points and accompany them with evidence and concrete illustrations. Do not hesitate to make a written list, to recall how you did to organize yourself on a daily basis, to manage your budget, to manage your family. You were also able to learn a new language to help a child in his learning. The patience you have shown, and the success of your children are assets that will work in your favor. You must never devalue yourself and on the contrary, you must highlight your experience as a stay-at-home mom as part of your future professional life. This awareness is imperative for you to have enough self-confidence to convince an employer to hire you. You will have understood it, you must take the time to reflect to identify your real desires, and take a positive turn in your life as a woman. It is imperative to be effective in your future job and to fully develop yourself.

The time of the CV

Then you will have to look at your CV. It is obvious that your old CV is no longer up to date, and that it no longer necessarily corresponds to the requirements of the job market. You can get help from a young graduate who knows all the tricks of finding a job! This CV must obviously reflect your studies, your skills but also your specificities. And that’s exactly what we were telling you about just before. You can add a column about your experience as a stay-at-home mom, and opt for positive wordings. You can playing the transparency card and explain that you put your career on hold to raise your children. But today, you feel ready to resume your career, that you have the time and that you have all the motivation necessary to put your skills at the service of your company. This CV must represent you and must be a true reflection of reality. You have nothing to hide. On the contrary, you have something to be proud of!

Maintenance and self-confidence

When you are going to get an interview, you will have to escape certain pitfalls. Indeed, many women who have been at home tend to talk too much about their early career. You shouldn’t talk too much about the past, and rather look to the future. It is essential to prove that you are up to date, that you have maintained your skills, that you have taken training courses… Nothing prevents you, moreover, before applying on the right and on the left to follow some training courses to be on top! You must succeed in proving that you did not take a break in your achievements when you were at home. That certainly, you have decided to devote yourself to your family for a few years, but that you took advantage of this different time to acquire new skills. Do not hesitate to show modesty, remembering that you will obviously have to update yourself. But the recruiter must see you as a full-fledged professional, and not as a mother who wants to go back to work and who does not have confidence in herself.

How to get back to work after raising kids

Returning to work after raising children is an essential stage in a woman’s life. But do not be too harsh with yourself, and above all do not show your questions and your anxieties to the recruiter. It is imperative to update your CV, and to prove that these years spent with your children have been positive. You have to update your skills, take some training, and take control of your professional career. It’s not necessarily easy, but it’s far from impossible. Your turn to play now, and good luck!

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