How to find a job without professional experience?

Are you young, do you have a good diploma, are you actively looking for a job but unfortunately you are sorely lacking in experience? Do not panic ! Indeed, it is possible to overcome this lack of professional experience. You will be able to make the difference with recruiters and quickly get a job. But you absolutely have to play the strategy card! Your skills must be tactfully put forward to demonstrate that, of course, you have no experience, but that you have the ideal profile for the position envisaged. Today, I help you find a job quickly despite your lack of experience. Follow our advice!

Your CV you will take care of

This is obviously the first step that you must take care of. Your CV is your business card. The recruiter looks at the Curriculum Vitae often at a glance, without going into detail. So you have to make a good impression right away. It would be wrong to botch your CV, it must be done properly. The spelling obviously has to be flawless, but that’s not all. You have to highlight your qualities, you have to take care of the presentation. Do not hesitate to get help in creating your CV which promotes the first good contact with the company.

Details you will give

Your CV should be light, and fit on one page. It must be airy, pleasant to read… But you must also give details about your student life and your various internships. You should know that internships, even observation, are very popular with recruiters. Any experience is enriching, and you must prove that you have stood out and contributed to the activity of a company. Your motivation and dynamism are qualities that should stand out in your CV. The details can make the difference, don’t forget!

On your qualities you will insist

You have certain qualities that you must highlight. Work experience is certainly important, but it is not everything. Indeed, your behavioral skills can help you enrich your professional life. Recruiters appreciate these behavioral abilities and this interpersonal skills which is an undeniable quality. Your CV must reflect your personality and your commitment, so that the company wants to integrate you into its team. This is an essential point on which we must not skimp!

How to find a job without work experience

Your activities, you will detail

You should also emphasize the other activities you do. If you don’t have professional experience to speak of, maybe you have other qualities. Indeed, you can have practiced a sport for many years, or be an artist and paint for example. These are activities that seem far removed from your professional life. But they can become an asset. Indeed, recruiters appreciate passionate people, those who have ambition, who have a competitive spirit … So do not hesitate to address these related subjects in your CV!

A training you will follow

If the recruiter ever contacts you, you should be ready. You will therefore have to train, and repeat your interview, whether telephone or physical. Don’t be surprised if the company calls you, and be ready! Your self-esteem is essential to making a good first impression. So much so that your lack of professional experience will go unnoticed. You have to know how to be sure of yourself, obviously with a certain measure. Candidates who lack humility are not appreciated. What is certain is that your lack of experience should certainly not be taken for a handicap. It’s up to you to gauge and train to be ready!

Your e-reputation you will heal

Don’t forget how important e-reputation is. You must not forget anything! The first thing to do is to lock your personal social networks to prevent the recruiter from stumbling upon particularly unsuitable photos of you. You also have to create professional profiles, with serious photos and information relating to your skills, as well as your job search. You should know that recruiters, when they are interested in a candidate, will go and check their online reputation. It is essential to have a good grasp of the image you convey on the web. And to do this, you must prepare everything beforehand. This image is important to make a good first impression and to land an interview!

You will understand, the lack of professional experience is a small handicap that is relatively easy to erase. It is up to you to prepare your CV well, to ensure your e-reputation, and to know how to showcase yourself to attract the attention of recruiters. No doubt, you will get there. Young graduates always end up finding a job. Good luck !

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