How to easily save on shopping? Tips


Thinking of saving money for your future vacation or for a specific project? You have many alternatives that allow you to manage your budget well without having to deprive yourself too much. Here are some tips for eating well without having to spend the entire budget on your groceries.

►Do your shopping without breaking the bank, it’s possible

Did you know that on average the French allocate 385 euros per month for the budget of their race? When you take a closer look, you will see that this is quite a large budget. It is then difficult to save money since the household must undergo various kinds of equally important expenses (bills, clothing, rent, etc.).

In order to reduce your expenses, you can take advantage of a leeway by playing on the shopping budget. Rest assured ! You are neither going to be deprived of foods nor be forced to constantly eat pasta. Thanks to our tips, you will have the opportunity to save money without having to change your consumption habits too much.

▶ ︎Establish the menu for the week in advance

Before starting a new week, make it a habit to establish the menu for the week. Thanks to this process, you can freely target your purchases. It is also a way to avoid food waste. Admittedly, at first, this method can be time consuming, but it will save you from hanging out on the shelves and thinking about the products you are going to buy.

When making a list, be sure to choose seasonal fruits and vegetables. These products have many advantages. Indeed, they are:

  • Cheaper ;
  • More ecological;
  • Fresher ;
  • Beneficial for health.

Since they are the staple of your diet, then they should be on your shopping list. The other elements will act as a complement.

It is not necessary to consume a lot of red meats per week. It should be included in one to two meals per week only. As for other proteins such as white meats and fish, you just have to choose according to your budget. If you are a fan of vegetarian meals, consider plant proteins, combine vegetables and legumes.

►Save on shopping: some useful tips in everyday life

Buy your groceries at the drive

Once in a store, it’s common to want to buy more things than you should. We often let ourselves be tempted by many elements such as:

  • The promotions ;
  • The presentation ;
  • Odors, etc.

By opting for the drive, you will be better protected against different temptations. Certainly, you can see some product suggestions with the drive, but the temptation is not so present. By opting for this alternative, you will have the opportunity to compare the prices. To do this, you just need to compare the prices on the drives of the stores closest to you.

This alternative allows you to keep a stranglehold on your budget. Indeed, you will be able to control the amount of your shopping as you fill your basket. It is also a means ofavoid impulse purchases.

Use anti-waste applications

By choosing this option, you are saving both the planet and your wallet. Thanks to these applications, you will be able to earn reduction ranging from 50 to 80% on the price of the products.

For example, there are brands that sell surprise baskets at discounted prices. Offers often contain short-dated products. Many merchants offer surprise baskets through these applications. We can find :

  • Bakeries;
  • Fruit and vegetable stores;
  • Supermarkets;
  • Restaurants ;
  • Fishmongers, etc.

You can choose between different applications.

With this application, you will easily identify the brands offering recover unsold baskets. Once there, you will find surprise baskets. This tool works in many cities. Unfortunately, it does not have a loyalty program or a referral program.

For only a few euros, you can recover unsold baskets. The surprise baskets are available in most cities in France. The concept of this anti-waste platform tends to gain success. It will be applied in other cities such as Réunion, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain. With this app, you get many benefits including:

  • The Loyalty program: 5% of the order price is donated in the form of loyalty points. These points can be deducted from the next purchase.
  • The Sponsorship Program: the godfather and the godson earn an additional 5 euros during the godson’s first purchase.
  • Optimiam

It is quite an interesting application, however, it is only dedicated to big cities. Thanks to sponsorship, the sponsor can win a free meal worth 5 euros if he manages to recruit 5 godchildren. To access the promo code of 5 euros, you will need to send an email to customer service.

Take advantage of cashback sites

By taking advantage of cashback sites, you are not going to get your groceries for free. You will benefit from a partial refund of purchases that you made on the Internet. By opting for this alternative, you will be redirected to partner merchant sites. Cashback sites charge a commission on each of your purchases and you return part of it. It is a win-win system. The reimbursement rate may vary from 5 to 10%. The lucky ones can win up to 40%. You can refer to different sites.

In its field, this cashback site is a real reference. Created in 2006, this platform has managed to generate more than 200,000 purchases from more than 2,500 online stores. This equates to more than 10 million euros. This site was acquired by M6 at the end of 2016.

Before making any purchase on your merchant site, you must go through Igraal. This process will enable the Cashback to be activated. If you don’t feel like going through this step, you can install lgraal on the toolbar of your browser. Thus, it is no longer necessary to go through the Igraal site before your purchases. In addition, you will be notified each time you are on a partner site allowing you to benefit from Cashback.

With its sponsorship program, you will be entitled to 10% of your referrals’ cashback earnings for life. You will also get 3 euros when your godchild has made a purchase through Igraal. Once your earnings reach the threshold of 20 euros, you will be able to withdraw it by PayPal or by bank transfer.

Whether for a purchase on the web or a purchase in store, Poulpeo allows you to access cashback. When you access 5 cashbacks in a row, you will automatically become a member of Poulpeo +. This will give you access to more lucrative benefits. With this platform, the payment threshold is set at 10 euros. It should be noted that Poulpeo offers the best market rate.

Unfortunately, the cashback from this platform is quite limited. To generate additional income, you can participate in lucrative activities like paid emails.

This is one of the best sites in its field. Ebuyclub stands out thanks to its many innovations. It is not only available for online shopping. It is also accessible in certain known physical stores such as Kaporal, Go Sport or Game Cash. During the year 2020, this platform succeeded in offering really attractive offers on vouchers.

As soon as you register on Ebuyclub, you earn a registration bonus of 7 euros. When you register one of your referrals, you access 3 euros. You will also benefit from 10% of his earnings for life. To access a payment, you must reach the threshold of 10 euros.

Ebuyclub is valid in around 50 well-known shops. Thanks to the redesign of the site, it is easier to access a brand quickly. With this site, you will benefit from excellent rates. However, this platform does not have discount coupons or a price comparator.

Go to cooperative and participatory supermarkets

Those are private supermarkets which constitute a community. They are not trained for profit. They make available to the public quality products at low prices. This alternative will save you money on your shopping. This option is available to everyone, however, certain conditions must be respected. It is necessary :

  • To invest money giving access to shares in the cooperative. The amount to be provided is around 100 euros. Once the member wishes to leave the cooperative, he receives a refund on the money he has invested.
  • Allocate 3 consecutive hours of their time once a month to participate in the supermarket. This time will be used for the maintenance of the supermarket (shelving, cleaning, etc.

You should know that the money invested in the cooperative allows you to make decisions about the direction of the supermarket. Every step taken in the supermarket is more respectful of the environment. In this type of supermarket, the products:

  • Are ordered in bulk and they are available in bulk. This is a way to avoid overpacking.
  • Are from fair trade (small producers, cooperatives, etc.).

It is a concept that appeared in the United States. But, it is gaining more and more importance in France.

This cooperative supermarket is available in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. He has more than thousands of motivated members to his credit. To integrate this cooperative, you have to invest 100 euros. This is the equivalent of 10 shares of the cooperative.

It is the first cooperative and participatory supermarket integrated in Brussels. It is a product that was initiated by a group of citizens in 2014.

This cooperative and participatory supermarket in Lille. It is a project that began in 2015. To join this association, you will have to invest the sum of 10 euros. As part of this project, you are required to participate in meetings and acquire the products offered by the group.

Use loyalty cards

Thanks to loyalty cards, you have the opportunity to accumulate a few cents, or even a few euros when paying at the cash desk. Be aware that some promotions are only available when you use store loyalty cards. The small downside with these cards is that we tend to forget at home. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, you can use an application to store them on your smartphone. So you can use them at any time. You can use applications such as FidMe.

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