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One of the ways to gain financial independence these days is to become a self-employed entrepreneur. This status concerns both trainers and consultants, as well as those who create products, brands or offer services. In any case, in order to be able to exercise legally and profit from his own business, the creation of the latter must be done by following a certain procedure and by completing mandatory formalities. It is these different steps that we will show in this guide.

Make the declaration of your own business

The process to become a self-employed person begins with the declaration of one’s self-employed business. Said declaration is mainly made online. To do this, go to the Autoentrepreneur Portal to easily create your auto-enterprise. You will provide a copy of your identity document and the PO Micro-entrepreneur form. The latter includes civil information, the nature of the activities carried out, the domiciliation and the option chosen for the payment of contributions. The file thus created will then be sent to the Business Formalities Center (CFE) in charge of your activity. Depending on the activity, it could be the Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMA), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), URSSAF or the Registry of the court of trade.

To provide supporting documents complementary

This step only concerns craftsmen and traders. To earn money legally, they will indeed have to provide certain supporting documents in order to complete their declaration. For craftsmen, it will be a question of registering in the Directory of Trades (RM). To do this, all they need to do is provide proof of address and a sworn statement of non-conviction to the CFE of the CMA on which they depend. If registration is free, it will still be conditional on the presentation of a diploma or proof of qualification for certain professions. Regarding traders, it will be a question of registering in the Trade and Companies Register for traders. This requires that they also provide proof of address and a sworn statement of non-conviction to the CFE of the CCI on which they depend.

Watch over the documents of your self-employed business

After validation of the auto-entrepreneur declaration by the CFE, certain documents will be sent to the auto-entrepreneur. Of these, we have the certificate of registration in the directory of companies and establishments provided by INSEE, the notification of affiliation to the micro-entrepreneur regime issued by the CFE, a notification of affiliation to the social security of self-employed and a registration extract specific to craftsmen and traders. These documents must be carefully kept by the self-employed person.

Comply with the obligations of a self-employed person

A self-employed person is required to fulfill certain obligations. From these, we first have the declaration of the turnover of his auto-enterprise. It can be done on a monthly or quarterly basis. It will allow, among other things, to calculate taxes and contributions. Then, the self-employed person must respect the turnover thresholds which, depending on the activity, vary from € 72,500 excluding tax to € 176,200 excluding tax. Finally, the auto-entrepreneur will have to protect his auto-business with insurance. For this, professional civil liability (RC Pro) is required.

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