How about activating your alumni network to find a job?

If you are looking for a job, everything is good to take it must be admitted. You will have to apply to employment agencies and companies looking for profiles like yours. But that’s not all ! You will also have to activate your network to publicize your desires and your job search. However, there is a network that very often you will not think of: alumni associations, whether online or face-to-face. Today, I’m helping you take stock of the usefulness of this often forgotten and yet particularly useful network.

Former students

Perhaps you have kept in touch with the former students of your high school and / or your university. This is a good thing, but it is obvious that you have not been able to connect with all the former students. This is what alumni associations are used for. We find a lot of them on the Internet. The objective is to bring together people who have followed the same university course, who have the same training, and who therefore share common values. It is a question of cultivating the bond with these former students who shared the same course, and of being able to observe their evolution and their professional career. But these associations can also be useful, especially in the context of your job search.

Interested reunion …

By registering with these alumni associations, especially on the Internet, you will find names that will speak to you. No doubt students from your former promotion with whom you had not kept in touch after the end of your studies. However, you will then be able to see what they have become from a personal point of view, but also from a professional point of view. And that is indeed the whole point. Indeed, you will quickly see that some of them occupy positions of which you dream! Or that they have a foothold in the company you’ve been aiming for for a long time. And precisely, you will be able to get in touch with them more easily. But beware of clumsiness … Because if you do not precisely dose your resumption of contact, you will play against you. This communication will then have the opposite effect from that expected …

Beware of clumsiness

If you discover the profile of a former student who is in fact employed in a company that you hope to join one day, now is the time to be strategic. You can start by reconnecting with him. But in all kindness, without immediately explaining to him that you are looking for a job. After having discussed everything and nothing together, you will be able to skillfully place that you are currently looking for a job. And that you are active, dynamic and very motivated to join a company like the one he currently works for. You could then discuss the possible opportunities offered by the latter. And who knows, he may even talk about you to his colleagues or even to his employer. It is always an interesting point of approach to target the boss directly thanks to an active employee! And this tactic can pay off and prevent you from finding yourself at the bottom of the pile of Curriculum Vitae. But be careful, you must not give the impression of using this person to achieve your ends. You have to use strategy and common sense!

What if you activated your alumni network to find a job

Network activation

As you will have understood, the alumni association can be useful and effective in your job search. You can use several means of communication to contact the profiles that seem interesting to you. Thus, you can find common points before former students, and contact them directly to ask for advice, for example. Always respect the positioning, and opt for the benevolent contact towards her. Maybe it is better to send an email first. But if it is a social network, you can make a friend request, and thus quickly see if this person wants to communicate with you or not. In fact, most social networks have an internal messaging system that will make it easier for you to contact this or that person. You can aim wide, and contact several former students with whom you had affinities, in order to expand your network. Remember that the network is important to find a job, and that you have to work on it every day. Activating the alumni network is just one key among many.

There you are, now you know everything about the interest of alumni associations. Having said that, even if you are not currently looking for a job, you can start activating this network. Indeed, it is always useful to have various and varied contacts at hand. It’s even easier to do with new means of communication such as social media.. So take advantage of it and be strategic in your way of doing things! Good luck !

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