Everything you need to know about the return rate of games of chance

If you’re into gambling, you’ve probably heard of Payback Rate. Often, we also talk about RTP (Return to Player). Whether you play these types of games occasionally or more seriously, it would be a good idea to take a look at their Return Rate. Indeed, it essentially informs you about your chances of winning. It is therefore one of the major criteria for choosing one game over another. If you are a bit confused, this article will help you see more clearly and better understand the Return Rate of a game of chance.

Return rate of a game: what is it exactly?

Expressed as a percentage, RTP refers to the rewards that a player can expect to win with a game of chance. This rate applies to both lottery and scratch games, as well as live RTP games offered by casinos – whether physical or virtual. These live RTP games include slot machines, card games (Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, etc.) and even Roulette.

In practice, the RTP is calculated through a simulation. For a given game, we count the percentage of chances of winning by playing a very high number of turns, hands or moves. Thus, the game offering the best odds will have a Return to Player of 100%. Of course, these are theoretical odds of winning, based on probabilities and statistics. But the Return Rate is nonetheless relevant information for a player.

Which games offer the most interesting RTP?

Let’s focus on the games of chance offered in a virtual or even a physical casino. Each has its own Return Rate. Nevertheless, a big trend is emerging and certain types of games offer potentially more interesting RTP for gamers.

As an indication, let’s compare the rates of different virtual games of chance:

  • Video Poker can offer a 100% payout, as the player sometimes has the opportunity to gain the advantage. Ditto for Craps, where RTP can also reach the maximum level – provided you are a very experienced player.
  • Blackjack is considered a fair game of chance with a 99.7% Return Rate. As in Poker and Craps, it is possible to gain an advantage during a game.
  • As for them, slot machines, Baccarat and Pick’em Poker have an RTP of around 99%.
  • Next is Roulette, with a Return to Player of 97%.

In any case, be aware that an online casino generally displays the Return Rate for each game in its catalog, to provide more transparency to players. Before choosing a game, you can therefore consider this criterion among others. As in other aspects of consumption, you have the right to demand maximum transparency before becoming a customer.

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