Everything you need to know about electronic signatures

In the context of the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, certain procedures have developed rapidly. Among them is the electronic signature which has established itself as a particularly fast and reliable means of signing important and official documents. It is indeed a great way to avoid all contact and to dematerialize exchanges. In addition, the electronic signature saves paper and therefore plays the card of environmental protection. Today, let’s take a look at the increasingly successful electronic signature process.

What is the electronic signature?

The electronic signature has been very successful recently. And it is not a hazard ! Indeed, it is about a technical process making it possible to sign a document digitally. And so it is not necessary to be physically present to sign this important document. As much to say to you that it is a considerable time saving! For example, in real estate, signing electronically directly during the sales agreement stage can sometimes save up to two weeks! And as the saying goes, time is money. You should know that the electronic signature comes within a very specific legal framework. This is a European regulation which has been transposed into French law and in particular into the Civil Code. Thus, the electronic signature makes it possible to identify a person, also serves as the consent of the signatory, and offers guarantees of the integrity of a document. As a result, all digital documents can be signed electronically, within a very specific framework. In particular, we find electronic signatures in many sectors of activity such as banking, real estate, insurance, or even with notaries.

What are the advantages of the electronic signature?

For professionals as for individuals, the electronic signature allows to benefit from a particularly impressive time saving. Which is obviously a major asset now. Plus, you won’t need to print out sheets then sign and hand deliver them during a physical appointment. Everything is done directly online. A few clicks are enough! The dematerialization of documents also allows a real saving of space. Not to mention that these documents are more easily accessible, wherever you are in the world. It is indeed sufficient to benefit from a digital storage space to be able to access these electronic documents and sign them directly online. Also note that the electronic signature makes it possible to do without paper and is therefore a gesture for the environment, which is another advantage that plays in favor of the electronic signature. You now understand better why this process is used more and more and is so successful, especially in recent years.

Electronic signature is a popular process. With the health crisis currently playing out at the international level, as well as the environmental issues that are on the rise, it is obvious that the electronic signature process is particularly interesting. Many advantages work in its favor, the electronic signature allowing in particular to save precious time.

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