In this article, we will be revealing 15 digital marketing strategies for Nigerian businesses post the COVID 19 pandemic. So let’s avoid all the preambles and head straight to the point.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Nigerian Businesses

  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM):

this is a digital marketing strategy that has proven to be very powerful as a marketing tool and it involves the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp etc to connect with people (your audience) to introduce your business, build awareness/exposure for your brand, drive traffic to your website/blog or your brand.

This has proved to be very effective over time as the internet has made it easier for businesses/individuals to link up with their target audience and not restricted to location. It also helps develop loyal customers that keeps patronizing.

Social media marketing
  1. Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising:

This is a digital marketing strategy that involves the use of search engine adverts to bring prospective buyers to your website. This has also proved to be a powerful tool as it helps generate quality leads.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

this is a digital marketing strategy that involves practices to make a website visible on search engines based on carefully selected keywords. It is also a passive income idea. When setting up a website for your business, it is essential to make it SEO enabled by the use of unique SEO keywords that will make your website rank highest on search engines such as Google etc. When a search is made on search engines, websites with related keywords are displayed. This is a free form of getting good traffic.

SEO digital marketing strategy
  1. Content development:

this digital marketing strategy deals with individuals/ brands putting out quality content relating to their brands as a form of educating their audience on what they do and how what they do can help their audience in improving their way of life. This strategy helps in building the needed trust for the audience to patronize whatever product you have to offer and also helps in reaching out to more people serving as a means of awareness.

N.B: when developing content for your brands, ensure SEO tools are used effectively, for your content to be easily seen on search engines.

content creation for sales
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  1. Influencer marketing:

This has to do with the use of influencers to help grow your brand and bring audiences to awareness of the brand as well as patronizing the brand. In this case, the influencer would have gained a certain level of trust from his/her audience, the influencer will recommend/introduce your business to his/her audience, while you as a brand depend on this influence to build your brand.

  1. Email marketing:

This digital marketing strategy is highly converting and goes a long way to help with a great yield if done properly. In email marketing and virtually all other digital marketing tools/strategy, the contents are usually very important.

Good contents equal a high conversion rate while bad/wrong contents equal low conversion rate.


Email marketing for example, when building your own email list, in the process you put out contents for your audience, if the contents is not helpful or relevant to them, they wouldn’t subscribe to your email list. Likewise, in cases where you have your email list ready, you would end up “Spamming” your audience by sending wrong/bad emails to them.  In this case, they will easily unsubscribe from such mailing list.

digital marketing strategy
  1. Viral Marketing:

this is a form of marketing that involves repeating adverts in a spontaneous and rapid way such that the product would be known by all thereby creating great awareness for the brand. The more they see, the more they become aware and gain trust in the brand.

  1. Re targeting Ads:

this is a form of digital marketing strategy whereby relevant adverts are displayed to audiences that have visited your online platform (website) before. At first visit or sight to your website/brand, the audience might have not been convinced to patronize, hence there is a need for further steps to convince the audience to patronize, retargeting ads do the convincing and conversion from just a visitor to a buyer as the case may be.

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

This is very similar to influencer marketing. It depends on the influences of people. In this form of digital marketing, people are raised as affiliates of the brand, they operate and render the same product from the brand. The affiliates bring leads/sales to the brand and they are paid certain commissions based on the leads/sales they were able to generate for an agreed period of time. This is a great marketing tool as the brand/business would spend less or nothing on an advertisement while it also creates an opportunity for individual affiliates to leverage existing brands to generate another source of income.

affiliate marketing strategy

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  1. Referral Marketing:

this digital marketing strategy is also a great tool that can help businesses grow and survive after the COVID19 pandemic. Many businesses have folded up due to the pandemic while some are just springing forth. A good way for start-ups and existing businesses to easily grow on a lower budget for advertisement is the use of referral marketing.

In referral marketing, the brand have people, most times existing customers to share testimonies of their experience using product(s) by the brand to their circle while they get paid to do so. This also work on a commission based on number of people referred. Sometimes it could be a one-time benefit for the people bringing the referrals while in other cases it is a life time benefit. As much as the people they refer keeps patronizing, they keep getting referral bonus or commission as the case may be.

  1. Mobile Marketing:

we are in a much-digitized world whereby everything is going mobile, and simple. Back then we have computers that were not mobile likewise mobile phones (you could recall the era of Nokia 3310) that could only receive calls despite its size and weight. But now, we have smartphones that could do as much as what a personal computer could do. So virtually everyone is getting mobile. If you’re not using mobile phones to browse the internet and explore other opportunities and features embedded in it, then you would definitely make phone calls to reach out to your loved ones both far and near.

This transformation has brought a great opportunity to businesses that are willing to embrace and explore. Ranging from the use of personalized applications, mobile website etc to the use of Short Messaging Service (SMS), voice messages and phone calls to reach out to prospective buyers.

  1. SMS Marketing:

this is an extract from Mobile marketing and it involves the use of Short messaging service (SMS) to reach out to prospective customers via their cell phones. This is carried out in various ways but one of the most effective is the use of bulk SMS platforms which permits you to send bulk customized messages in the name of your brand to your prospects. This when done properly, helps build the needed trust and intimacy with prospects.

sms marketing is a digital marketing strategy
  1. Remarketing:

This is a digital marketing strategy whereby the rule of consistency is applied. When applying the remarketing tool, you deal with your existing customers. You remarket to them either the same product they have tried before or any other product/service you offer. The remarketing strategy goes a long way in generating more sales and further establishing the customers to continually patronize.

  1. Marketing Automation:

One of the ways to effectively utilize digital marketing strategies is the use of “Market Automation”. The process of sales is automated to make it easier for both the brand and the customers. Doing this will reduce the cost on hiring staff to carry out sales duties and make it easy for customers to patronize your business.

  1. Video Marketing:

the use of videos for advertisement is a very effective tool as it has proven more converting when generating quality leads. People impatient and bored when going through long text. A good way proven to avoid boring your audience with your long text adverts is the use of video adverts.

video marketing strategy

With video adverts, interesting and captivating audio-visuals can be employed to make your advert more interesting to view. It has also proven to capture your audience to the level of taking action.