The digital industry is becoming more of a trend nowadays. Digital marketing skills have become essential in today’s world.

Everyone bis now relocating to the digital world. Even businesses are not left out. By the end of the year 2020, 85% of all the businesses run by entrepreneurs would relocate to the digital world. As many business owners would be moving to market their products online, there are some professional skills that will be required to boost one’s online presence, earn some popularity online, rank on the search engines, persuade people to take action on products for sale.

These are known as digital marketing skills. It is one thing to create a website or a social media page and it is another thing to be promoted through these platforms. However, for one to gain popularity and promotion through the digital industry, he needs some digital marketing skills.

Digital Marketing

As an individual who lives in the digital world and possesses Digital marketing skills, one of the skill set you must possess to solve problems, help businesses remain competitive, and make a financial difference to your wallet is the digital skill.

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The digital marketing industry, being a vast industry, it might be difficult to navigate through the digital world and find the in -demand niche that businesses and entrepreneurs really need in Nigeria to stay competitive. In this article, we’ll talk about the digital marketing skills you can offer to big Nigerian businesses.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Before any business can get thousands of traffic online, it must’ve been optimized for the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). It is necessary, as well as important to understand and utilize the ability of the SEO. Businesses that want to remain competitive in Nigeria cannot afford to underestimate the power of the SEO and can only be offered by some one with SEO Digital marketing skills.

As an individual who understands the ever-complicated SEO, you should have the ability of content marketing, guest blogging, link building, creating original and quality contents, updating tags, and including keywords.

It is essential as an SEO digital marketer to know how keywords works, so as to include them in web copies, blog posts and PPCs to drive massive traffic for the business you work for.

SEO is a Digital Marketing Skills

2. Video Making Skills

Videos has taken over the internet marketing since 2017. By the end of 2020, 8 out of 10 customers are likely to purchase a product when they see a video of how the product works. This is because it is so engaging, informative and also trustworthy especially when people see how the product works or see the face of the one who is promoting the brand.

As an individual who has this skill set, many entrepreneurs and businesses who wants to attracts more customers would be needing your money-making services to create video content. So if you know how to make a video, you can earn money online with video making Digital marketing skills.

Video making is a Digital Marketing Skills

3. Content Writing is a Digital marketing skills

Producing original and unique-quality contents is an integral part of digital marketing and will continue to be for the next hundred years.

If you can create SEO friendly content various kinds, blog posts that engages your target audiences, informed them, entertains, and educates them, then many Nigerian businesses would be needing your skills to manage their web contents.

Another digital marketing skill

4. Email Marketing.

Although, the email has been around for more than a decade, email has best been utilized to attract customs and drive traffic.

If you have a skill in email marketing, you can engage dormant customers, update your customers about new products, send them newsletters and build loyalty. The best way to engage your customers is through email marketing.  If written in a conversational tone, it can be used to make customers do what you want. Many Nigerian businesses need this skill to remain competitive.

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5. Social Media Management is another of Digital marketing skills.

Social media has helped many businesses in Nigeria make enough sales. In fact, it has been a money-making stream for businesses. Like I said earlier, many businesses by the end of this year 2020 would be online. But not all businesses on social media gets customers. This is due to poor social media management Digital marketing skills. If you possess this skill, many Nigerian businesses would need you to help manage their social media pages.

Social Media Management

6. Copywriting

This has been a very lucrative skill for many freelancers. It is one skill to know how to write and it is another skill to write persuasively; to write compelling ads copy to make your audiences buy products. This skill has earning some cool money for many freelancers. It’s an in-demand skill for many businesses if they want to be relevant in the online market.

If you posse this skill, entrepreneurs need you to write ad copies for them.

7. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Some online businesses have the above professionals who have those skills: SEO expert, Copywriter, content writer, Social media expert, email marketer, but only 2 out of ten online businesses have a CRO connoisseur. If they really want their audiences to take specific actions on their website then they’ll need a CRO expert.  As an expert your skill involves conversion funnels and engagement metrics such as bounce rate.

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8. Data Analytics/Google Analytics

This is a Digital marketing skill you can offer to businesses to help them analyze in-depth details about the visitors on their websites or social media pages. Data analysis helps provide insights that can help shape their success strategy. So, it becomes necessary for businesses to know the behavior of their customers and audiences.

9. Photography

Many business owners or entrepreneurs might underrate this digital skill but it mustn’t. It is a wonderful skill to help businesses create and edit photos that will accompany the content copies. This helps give more explanation about the product intended for sales.

Businesses into modeling, skin care and other related businesses in Nigeria would need an avid photographer to offer them their skill set.


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 10. Web Design/Development

As many businesses would be moving to the digital world by the end of this year, they need the skill of a web genius. A person who can create website, design it, as well as develop it.

As a web developer, you can offer your skills as a freelancer to clients who are ready to pay you a handsome amount of cash.

web development is a digital marketing skill

 11. Graphics Design

Graphics design is one digital skill you can offer to businesses. Although this is quite different from photography and videography, you will work side by side with the experts who have this skill. You can offer to edit their content photo and videos using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro, and also create their brand images— logo.

12. Google AdWords/PPC

For any business to expand their reach and generate more awareness, they must pay the expert who has a skill in handling pay-per-click advertising. As a digital marketer who understands PPC well, you’ll help Businesses effectively create, optimize and report an ad campaigns using Google AdWords.

Google adword

 13. Editing and Proofreading

Although this may not be a digital skill, but it’s transit to the digital world has made it more of a digital skill. After the content writer must have written the web copy, or the copywriter must have written the ads copy, the editor or the proofreader comes to correct the grammatical and syntactic errors the writers must have made.

This is one of the digital skills and non-digital skills you can offer to businesses and make money.


Having talked about these skills, if you have two or three of them, you can work as a freelancer and help hundreds of clients solve digital problems and make a lot of money.