All you need to know about consumer credit

When you have a project, sometimes you are going to need a consumer loan. Indeed, this type of credit will allow you to renovate your home, buy new furniture, offer you a new car, or simply benefit from a reserve of money. Know that whatever your project, you can take out a consumer loan quite … Read more

How to successfully complete your IPO?

For all young bosses who start their own business, the ultimate dream is often to be able, one day, to go public. However, such a professional adventure cannot be improvised. Indeed, before being able to be listed on the stock markets, each company must undergo a battery of tests and each entrepreneur must carry out … Read more


The Individual Right to Training (DIF) is now replaced by the Personal Training Account (CPF). Simple name change? Overall, yes! But it’s up to you to transfer the hours from one to the other. In which case you would totally lose these and therefore… the contributions concerning the training that you have already paid! So … Read more

the third largest cryptocurrency on the market

As bitcoin grows more and more widely and is known to everyone, even to those who are not familiar with the world of the stock market, there is another virtual currency that is gradually establishing itself: Ripple. Considered the third largest cryptocurrency on the market today, Ripple is slowly starting to overshadow its competitors. Zoom … Read more

Online or traditional? Choose a bank.

The traditional banks offering a storefront since the dawn of time have seen, since the advent of digital technology, steal the show by online banks only accessible by interest. Some people like both and have both a physical branch and a virtual bank account. Others prefer to have only one account. So online banking or … Read more

Everything you need to know about electronic signatures

In the context of the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, certain procedures have developed rapidly. Among them is the electronic signature which has established itself as a particularly fast and reliable means of signing important and official documents. It is indeed a great way to avoid all contact and to dematerialize exchanges. In … Read more