Success Academy Training Reviews: Scam?

The Success Académie training bonuses As you can imagine, the previous parts covered remain the heart of the training: it is by consuming them and applying their advice that you will obtain the most results! On the other hand at Ecomfrenchtouch, we like the bonuses! (especially when they are not only there for decoration). So … Read more

How to get back to work after raising children?

Have you had children and you put your career on hold for several years? Don’t panic, many women make this choice. And yet, they return to work without great difficulty, and can even make nice professional advances. However, it is important to make the right decisions and to make wise choices. How? ‘Or’ What returning … Read more

How to make a spontaneous application?

Spontaneous applications represent 62% of the actual procedures carried out by job seekers. And maybe you are in this situation? To find a job, applying spontaneously can indeed be an interesting solution. And anyway, you risk nothing to try your luck … That said, it is preferable to put all the chances on your side … Read more

Artistic professions: what are the salaries?

When you embark on artistic studies, you obviously hope to make a living from your passion, but also to earn enough a living to do only this job. While some sectors are highly remunerative, others are more delicate. Today, we invite you to give you some examples of remuneration for artistic professions. Here we go. … Read more

How to find the job of your dreams?

Do you have certain questions about your professional life and want to develop professionally? No stress ! It is quite possible to find the job of your dreams. Provided, of course, of take the time to think and make the right choices. Because how do you know if the company and the job you have … Read more

How to use social networks to find a job?

Are you looking for a job? So you will without the slightest doubt canvass companies to try to show yourself under your best profile and thus land the job of your dreams. However, often one point is overlooked: social networks. And yet, these can be dangerous but can also be very useful ! So how … Read more

Mad skills to find a job

We have already told you about soft skills. But there is also another trend that you should consider if you are actively looking for a job. These are the Mad Skills. Indeed, this need for atypical skills is felt, particularly in the tech and digital sector. So what are mad skills ? Why are companies … Read more

How to question your professional life?

Do you have a calm professional life, but you are not thriving as much as you would like? Don’t panic, there are solutions. And the first thing to do is undoubtedly the skills assessment. Indeed, perhaps it is time to ask yourself some important questions about your professional life to consider a brighter future? What … Read more

What are the current trends for CVs?

Did you know that the first contact that your future employer will have with you will be your CV? This is why it is essential to take good care of it to ensure that it meets the requirements of the moment. Because in the Curriculum Vitae sector, there are certain trends. These evolve rapidly, and … Read more