Artistic professions: what are the salaries?

When you embark on artistic studies, you obviously hope to make a living from your passion, but also to earn enough a living to do only this job. While some sectors are highly remunerative, others are more delicate. Today, we invite you to give you some examples of remuneration for artistic professions. Here we go.


In the cinema industry, it is a highly prized profession. Many people dream of becoming a director. We must admit that it is he who tells the story of the film, and that he therefore has many responsibilities. You should know that a director earns an average of 400 euros gross per month. Which is very good. But seats are expensive!


The screenwriter assists the director, and therefore helps with the staging. Its objective is to think of the smallest detail to facilitate the work of the director and to convey a maximum of emotions in the film. However, on average, a screenwriter receives an average of 1,250 euros gross per month, which is not exceptional. It is, however, an exciting profession!

The actor

You don’t become an actor by chance, it’s a real vocation that requires talent and perseverance. A beginner actor can receive around 1750 euros gross at the start of his career, knowing that the payment is not annual but is made on performance. Obviously, the fees increase as the career progresses! Go ahead and participate in castings.

The cameraman

You have to have quite a thorough education to become a cameraman on a movie set or on television. You should know that cameramen are in great demand and their know-how is irreplaceable. As a result, a cameraman earns around 4000 euros gross each month. It is a specialized profession for which you should not count your hours, but which is demanding!

The singer

It all depends on the singer! Because obviously, the remuneration will not be the same for a very famous singer as for one who occurs in village festivals or weddings for example. However, an average was established in 2019, showing that a singer receives an average of 1,800 euros gross each month, obviously smoothing over the year.

The script (or set observer)

It’s a job that is very popular and remunerative since a script earns around 1,200 euros gross per week of shooting. However, be careful because generally a shoot lasts two months. And it is not necessarily easy to find another shoot right after. You must therefore manage your remuneration well for the quieter times of the year!

The mixer

The mixer is the one that takes care of the sound on a film set, for the cinema or for television. He’s obviously very good at music, but he has to prove himself. In addition, the remuneration is per day, around 360 euros gross. Which makes the job complicated because you have to find work regularly.

As you will have understood, artistic professions are variable, and salary scales difficult to give. Here are some indications that can help you see more clearly.

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