The art of being a good consultant or starting a consulting service business is not a common practice or profession for many people. In fact, not so many people know who a consultant is— or a business expert. What many people put their attention to is their profession as a professional on their field, earning some thousand naira from a 9-5 job.

Being an experienced professional who can solve certain issues not so many professionals can decipher, and you love what you do, then you’re more than qualified to be an expert who gives advice to people— a consultant.

Not so many Nigerian professionals know about the consulting service business, the ones who know are doing it and now smiling to their banks.

In this write-up, I’ll be giving some consulting service business ideas you can start even in your home office today.

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1. IT Consultancy

With the traditional living fast going into extinction, information and technology is the new and easiest way of life. In other words, it is the new culture. With technology, life has gotten a lot easier: to communicate with our family and friends, business partners, associates and acquittances. In fact, life became more easier when companies began to hold their meetings and conferences online and began organizing webinars for staff members.

As an expert in IT, web development, mobile app creation, programming, networking, etc., many companies and business owners will be needing your services to educate them on how to make the best of utilizing technology.

IT consulting service business

2. Security Consultancy

Security has now become a basic human amenity. It has become a need in our everyday life. On a daily basis, human lives are being threatened by reprobates and unscrupulous picaros. There are different kinds of security threats ranging from physical threats, cyber threats, nuclear threats, etc. To cause skirmishes, devilish minded people have implemented strategies to threaten human lives.

If you’re an expert in the field of security, who can solve security problems, your ideas will be consulted by firms, individuals and even the government. You should set up a consulting services business today.


 3. Agricultural Consultancy

If you’re an Agric expert or an expert in agricultural engineering, then you should consider agricultural consultancy.

A recent statistics illustrated by the World Food Programme shows that an estimated 124 million people in over fifty countries are presently experiencing food shortage.

Environmental factors like natural disasters are a major course of famine and food crises in many countries. Many farmers are seeking the advice of Agric experts who are implementing various strategies to eradicate the impact of natural disasters and diseases on food production.

4. Business Management Consultancy

Many entrepreneurs and business owners are looking for business experts to seek their advice and expertise on how to manage as well as promote their businesses. So, if you’re an expert in business organization and management, you help organizations and companies structure their business activities and educate them on the basic steps to managing available resources.

5. Education Consultancy

This is another lucrative, yet ubiquitous consulting business idea you can plunge into if you have experience in the education system. Many people who wish to further their education abroad are seeking your advice on the best universities, the requirements for admission processes, the process of application and probably help them in making the admissions easy.

Further, if you’re an expert in running a school, fellows who want to open a school will need your opinions on what to do. So, you should establish a consulting business soon.

Educational Consulting Service Business

 6. Food and Fitness Consultancy

Fitness Consulting Service Business

Everyone wants to keep their shape and remain sexy for 95% of their life, yet we love eating junks and other unhealthy foods and we rarely do exercises. This is where the fitness consultant and nutritionists come to play. As a fitness consultant, you setting up an office for business where people would come for counseling is a great consulting business idea.

7. Health Consultancy

This field is dominated by medical experts. In Nigeria, the health challenges are rising every day, and to make a difference in this profession as a mediaeval expert, you can set up a consulting business for health for people to come seek your advice on how to improve their health and lead healthy lifestyle.

 8. Legal Consultancy

This consulting business is common among legal practitioners as they most times act as consultants on legal issues, act as legal advisers to their clients on legal matters and proffer solutions in accordance with the constitution.

As an expert in the legal profession, you can be hired to for consulting business purposes to handle an organization’s legal matters and legal documents.

9. Marketing Consultancy

This is another lucrative and in-demand consulting business you can start in Nigeria if you have a marketing acumen. Many companies, entrepreneurs would be in dire need of your services of they really want to dominate the market. Surely, nobody would spend a huge amount of money establishing a business that wouldn’t take over the market. Business people need your services to educate their marketing team on how to make sales.  If this is your profession, you should set up an office for consultancy.


10. Advertising Consultancy

Next to the marketing consulting business comes with the advertising consultancy. These two are related but different professionals handle them.

If you’re a genius in digital marketing and making businesses product well known to people either by email, social media or writing ads copy for people to take action upon a product, then you should consider a consulting services business to help companies, and entrepreneurs promote their businesses.

11. Environmental Consultancy

If you have the knowledge of environmental maintenance, reusing, recycling and reproduction of elements, the government could make you a member of the cabinet.

12. Human Resources Consultancy

Many firms need an HR expert to consult to guide their HR staff with tasks recruitment, training, seminar organization, compliance, administration, and payroll. As an HR expert, companies would consult you for your services.

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13. SEO Consultancy

This skill, as complicated as it is will continue to be an in-demand skill for the growth of many business.

Although, many businesses are moving online but not all businesses are found on the search engine. SEO is the best way to promote your online presence especially the search engine. So, if you’re an SEO expert, you can help businesses get an online space when you’re consulted in enlightening the tech team.

SEO services

14. Skin Care Consultancy

This is related to the health sector. If you’re know how best to care for your skin, you can educate people and even entrepreneurs in the skin care business on how best to take care of their skin. Entrepreneurs will also get your opinion on what beauty products to produce for the skin.

15. Digital Marketing Consultancy.

Digital marketing is paving the way for many businesses and many business owners will continue seek advice from digital marketing personnel for a very long time. So as an expert, building your consulting service business is very important for you if you you’re really serious about it.

Bottom Line

Having talked about some ideas for you to set up a consulting service business, it’s now left for you to choose your profession and begin to be relevant to many people. You can even start from your home-office, build a website to get an online presence and market yourself through the social media but creating professional Facebook page and a LinkedIn profile.